Terms and conditions


Everyone is welcome as a customer in our webshop, this applies to you as a private person, or as the owner of a company, or who orders on behalf of the company or as an employee of a public company with an EAN number, so that everyone can buy professional and cheap shop furnishings from us, welcome to all of you! We reserve the right to partially invoice an order if we cannot deliver everything immediately. If a smaller part of an order is delivered later than the main part, we reserve the right to invoice the entire order on first delivery.

As an account customer:

At ManneQ.com, if you are a company/company with a CVR number (VAT registered) or a public institution/company with an EAN number, you can be set up as an account customer, we will then immediately ship your order and when the order leaves the warehouse , we will email you an invoice with payment terms net cash within 14 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

EAN customers (public companies and institutions) are billed via the EAN system.

With credit card:

At ManneQ.com you can pay with PayPal, Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club International and JCB. Your payment is only deducted when the item is shipped. An amount greater than what you authorized at the time of purchase can never be deducted. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to ensure that orders and personal data can only be read by computers and employees at ManneQ.com. Payment card information can NOT be read by us. We need your name, delivery address, email address and phone number in order to fulfill your order. We treat this information strictly confidential. We do not sell or pass on your email address or your company information in any way.

With advance payment:

If you are not an account customer and do not want to use a credit card when purchasing our shop furniture, you have the option of paying the amount to our advance account 9385-1110503640 in Spar Nord, then we will send the order as soon as your payment has been received on the account. It usually only takes one banking day.

Right of withdrawal:

As a private customer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal, counted from the day the item(s) are received. If you regret your purchase, simply return the item in the same condition you received it in. Please call us before returning so we can arrange a possible "pick up". You may only try the product and of course not use it. The item must be unused and very important, in original packaging. When the item is returned and approved, we refund the price of the item to your payment card or bank account within a maximum of one week. We calculate a return fee of 15-20% for unpacking, counting, checking and repacking, etc.

Warranty & complaint

You have a 2-year product warranty and therefore also a 2-year right of complaint if you act as a private person. In the first instance, we fix the fault through the supplier, and in the second instance, we get you a new item if the accident is over. Used inventory parts and gins/dolls are unfortunately worthless. B-B customers also have a 14-day unconditional right of return but only a 1-year product warranty, provided correct handling and use of the ordered item, e.g. regular descaling of the purchased steamer, etc.


All prices are in SEK (Swedish kronor) and are shown both excl. and incl. 25% Swedish VAT.

Price guarantee:

We reserve the right for printing errors and price changes. Prices are quoted without handling or other fees. ManneQ.com offers a price guarantee on all standard items. The price guarantee comes into effect if you as a buyer find the same item at a lower price within 8 days of purchase. The buyer must be able to document the price and that it is the same item. If this is the case, ManneQ.com immediately issues a credit note for the price difference.

Delivery and force majeure:

ManneQ.com ships with GLS/DSV/Danske Fragtmænd and Post Danmark, etc.
Unless otherwise stated on the order confirmation, delivery takes place as soon as possible. ManneQ.com strives for orders placed before 12 to Denmark to be sent the same day. Usually the order is delivered 1-2 days after ordering. ManneQ.com reserves the right to make partial deliveries. If a delivery time is stated or promised, it applies subject to force majeure, accidents, possible delays of ordered materials and delays in production as a result of workshop accidents and delays from the seller's subcontractors. In case of delay, both the buyer and ManneQ.com can free themselves from the purchase/sale by registered message to the other party, if the delay exceeds 3 months.

We cooperate with several carriers to get the goods to you safely, quickly and cheaply. Common to these apply:

There must be someone to receive, otherwise the goods go back or to a shipping center.
You must check the shipment for damage upon receipt.
You must check whether you have received all packages, number of packages in the shipment.
If you find transport damage on one or more packages, this must be noted on the waybill

before signing, after receiving the shipment. In case of serious damage, it is recommended to refuse reception and immediately notify ManneQ.com.
IMPORTANT!If your packages have visible damage, they must be signed with reservations! If this is not done, the carrier cannot be held responsible, and any damage will be the recipient's, i.e. your own responsibility! Receipt without a note on the delivery note is equivalent to approving the delivery! Therefore, neither ManneQ.com nor the carrier can be held responsible for any compensation due to visible transport damage.

About the Personal Data Act:

Since the company's inception in 2004, we have regarded your information to us as strictly confidential.
It is about your information such as name, address as a company, private and delivery address, telephone number and possibly CVR number and e-mail address. This information has not been sold to other companies or individuals or has been available to others and will continue to be so.

To further protect your data against misuse, we have now entered into personal data agreements with our website provider and our administration provider/bookkeeping host as well as our suppliers.

We do this to serve you/your company in the best possible way with maximum protection of your data in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

We only store your data electronically in order to serve you, send you your orders, email you an invoice for your account/bookkeeping, send you newsletters and offers if you are registered.

You have the right to be forgotten, to be deleted, e.g. from our newsletters, you just send us an email. You can always find out what information we have about you, just send us an email. In case of errors, deficiencies or missing deliveries, contact immediately:

Reservation for price errors and out of stock:

We accept your purchase by sending you an order confirmation. However, your purchase will only be accepted if there are no obvious errors in the descriptions and prices displayed in the webshop. In rare cases, it may happen that an item is discontinued or can no longer be obtained in the quality/price we wish to deliver in or at, therefore we reserve the right not to deliver such items.

Color rendering:

Since the current colors you see on the store's inventory in the webshop depend on your computer screen, we cannot guarantee that your screen will show the exact color that the item has upon delivery.