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Cart lift and accessories for shopping carts

Accessories for shopping carts - cart lift, docking station, trolley for shopping carts

Here you will find our popular basket lift, which i.a. also used in many COOP stores. The basket lift lifts your shopping basket to the checkout in just 9 seconds and is gentle on the customer's back. In addition to our basket lifter, you will of course also find accessories for your shopping baskets incl. docking station for your customer baskets.

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Docking station and basket lifter

When you now - fortunately - need many shopping baskets, it is a great advantage that you can collect them in a docking station with wheels.

Let the customers themselves stack the baskets at the checkout, and when the stack has become high enough - or new customers are looking in vain for a free basket, a stack of shopping baskets is quickly rolled away with a docking station. This applies both to wire baskets of 19 to 26 liters and to grocery baskets of 20 to 32 liters.

For heavy loads

As something quite special, we can also supply a small machine which you can easily install at the start of the product line. A machine which quickly lifts the large roller baskets of 32 to 80 liters up to the edge of the counter, so that the customer does not have to stand and bend down to take the goods out of the basket.

There are several ways to do this it is a good experience for your customers to shop in your store, and if the goods or the quantity of goods call for large shopping baskets, it can be a plus that the customer does not have to either lift a heavy basket or stand in an uncomfortable position for to fill the goods on the belt.