Air purifiers

If the indoor climate is not completely satisfactory, it can perhaps be solved with an air purifier. Get smoke-free and pollution-free air in the shop or office. Is it a question of quality of life and completely clean air, free of all pollution? May we present the professional Blue-Air air purifiers!

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Air purifiers provide a better and healthier indoor climate in the shop, in the office, in the meeting room, at home, yes everywhere.

A Blue -Air air purifier removes all polluted air such as dust, smoke, flue gases, dust mites, mold and odors such as perfume, soap residue and possible food! that the surrounding air is more or less polluted

Someone suffers from headaches and malaise due to poor indoor climate, read lack of air purification.

The bad or polluted air can cause headaches, red, runny eyes, irritated mucous membranes, fatigue etc.

Then there are the unhappy people who are forced to live in a home with rot and fungus for a while, here an effective air purifier is a must


This applies to smokers and non-smokers, everyone can benefit from one or more air purifiers markets air purifiers for both large and small rooms based on the latest technology, which captures even the smallest particles in advanced filters, and which at the same time ionises the air, whereby it achieves a self-cleaning effect in popular terms.

Swedish Blueair air purifiers are designed and manufactured for private homes as well as shop premises, offices, assembly rooms, meeting rooms, etc. , their air purifiers are extremely efficient and very quiet

The filter technology in our air purifiers ensures that 99.7 percent of all particles are captured and the filters on our air purifiers are built in such a way that they do not emit gases or particles in any way .

The filters do not absorb moisture/water, as they are made of polyprolylene (Read nylon material) and this is extremely important, because it means that contamination from rot, fungi, bacteria, viruses and mold in the filter fibers does not can multiply, spread there or spread from there, 99.7% of all the particles in the air are captured and retained in the filters forever.

On the other hand, the filters do not last forever, after approximately 6 months the efficiency decreases and should be replaced.

A Blueair air cleaner excels in quiet operation - at the lowest speed they are almost inaudible and that is sufficient in most cases. The power consumption is modest - equivalent to a 20 watt light bulb at the lowest speed, while the consumption at the highest speed is of the order of 70 watts.