Budget female mannequins

Cheap women's mannequins headless & with head, faceless, eggheads, white, black, etc.

Mannequin dolls for women from SEK 790.00 to a maximum of SEK 790.00. 1,998.00 ex VAT. ManneQ.com can offer cheap mannequins for every budget, in white mannequins, black mannequins, cheap mannequins with and without head.

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Find your cheap female mannequins here, there are mannequins with heads, mannequins without heads, we offer mannequins, female mannequins at prices from SEK. 998.00 to max. 1,998.00 per piece ex VAT. If your budget is tight, you are well helped here among our women's mannequins in many different models and several colors, happy hunting. The different mannequins are usually in stock, so as a general rule we can always send your mannequin on the same day, if you order before 11.45, we will deliver the next day, unless you order on Friday, then your mannequin or mannequins will arrive first on Monday