Cleaning hangers

Cleaning bars in steel, white and black - strong aluminum bars with notches and other lighter bars

Cleaning bars ✅✅ ;✅ - Here you can see our thin and cheap metal hoses/cleaning hoses. Among other things, you can order the classic and cheap metal hoop, the cleaning rib. These metal hoops stand out from other hoop types in that they are formed from a long, thick metal wire. This also means that they can be shaped freely if you have special needs for hanging the clothes. Our cleaning ribs are galvanized, so they are not infected by på tøjet and does not rust.

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Cheap dry cleaning hangers

The classic - the real model, galvanized and in malleable wire

- NOW also in colors!

At gives you the real dry cleaners hangers that we all love.

There are 500 pieces in a box.

Real dry cleaners hangers are galvanized metal hangers. The reason they are galvanized is that they do not rust, many years ago and to this day they are used in dry cleaners and laundries, and of course they must under no circumstances rub off on the clothes in the form of rust stains. In addition, they must be easy to use and the hook of the hanger must be able to easily be inserted through the plastic bag in which the washed or dry-cleaned clothes are stored after cleaning and washing and ironing.

Dry-cleaning hangers - now in colours

As something new, we can now also deliver dry cleaning hangers in colours! It's still the classic dry cleaner's hanger, but everything, including the hook itself, has been varnished once. And the paint is in nice bright colours, which give the well-known dry cleaners a new and refreshing look.

Dry cleaners at are cheap. They must be, because dry cleaners and laundries often let them accompany the clothes and the customer. At we also sell four types of cheap clear plastic bags or cleaning bags: you can also order them on this page.