On these pages you can choose from a great many different plastic bags. We have carrier bags and shopping bags as both paper bags and plastic bags. You can choose plastic, paper bags, gift bags and organza bags in different qualities and thicknesses, so you can find just the carrier bag your customers will be most happy with. Choose between shopping bags in all kinds of colours. You can also order your very own bag machine and make your own flexible cellophane bags. Finally, on these pages you will also find many types of gift bags in paper, fabric and organza.

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Paper and plastic carrier bags

Your customers must have good carrier bags to carry the goods home in. They must also have good bags to collect, for example, fruit and vegetables together in your business.

For that you can find all kinds of good bags on these pages.

Paper shopping bags in all qualities

Among our paper carrier bags you will find several simple types, all solid and durable bags. You will also find more exclusive bags that can satisfy the more discerning crowd. If your business radiates elegance and quality, then of course your carrier bags must do the same.

Whether you are looking for the simple, brown fruit bags or exclusive bags with handles and exotic or discreet patterns, you will find the kind under the category Paper bags.

Simple and elegant plastic bags

The same applies to our selection of plastic bags. Here you will find both smart carrier bags with zebra stripes and powerful bags in beautiful colors as well as the simple cleaning bags and zippered bags. See the selection under Plastic bags.

Make your own bags

With our bag machine you can make your very own packaging for exclusive goods. It is simple and straightforward to do. See for yourself under Pouch machine.

Gift bags for large and small

Finally you can find several types of gift bags, both in paper and not least in fabric. Our fabric bags and organza bags are popular for e.g. bijouterie and jewellery.

No matter what kind of bags you are looking for, you are very likely to find them here.