Special mannequins incl. articulated women's mannequins, men's and children's mannequins

Here you will find special mannequins of several kinds, in both women's and men's models with a different appearance and thus a special radiance. If you want to give your business a boost, give it a more exclusive look, then you are on the right track here. Here you will also find cheap mannequins in black and white high gloss, articulated mannequins and many other models.

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More about our special mannequins

Here we tell you more about our high-gloss mannequins, malleable mannequins and many more different models

High-gloss mannequins

First you have to mention that here you will find the largest selection of high-gloss mannequins, i.e. mannequins that are lacquered, most often in white or black shiny glossy paint, which gives the mannequin a clean expression or a pure radiance. High-gloss mannequins are often very durable in terms of lacquer quality, as the lacquer is usually much stronger than the matte lacquers.

The prices of the high-gloss mannequins were initially 8-10 years ago, when they first came on the market , very high. It's the past now. Today, everyone can afford to acquire or replace their mannequins with dolls in black or white high-gloss, if they buy from our webshop. Everyone can participate here, and there are plenty of both ordinary and more special high-gloss dolls to choose from.

It is also among our special mannequins that you will find a number of very different models with heads without facial features, i.e. with a moon head, with an egg head, with a face without facial features - also called a faceless mannequin, which you would think was a doll without a head, but they are not, they are with a head, but without facial features - there are so many like that.

Yoga mannequins

The category starts by presenting 4 female mannequins in Yoga positions, our so-called Yoga mannequins, in lotus position, in warrior position and finally 2 versions of the Yoga position tree, the tree, also presented here by a female mannequin.

We don't need to talk about Yoga here, there are many people who know a lot more about that, but do you need to signal or present in this beautiful universe, we also have 4 very, very beautiful Yoga mannequins in our huge selection for you to choose from.

Stella mannequins

In our large selection in high-gloss mannequins, we must not forget to mention Stella, our favorite lady in light gray high-gloss. The Stella series is a series of extremely beautiful mannequins in various poses, and here we are really talking about class in both expression and radiance.

A pregnant mannequin doll?

On this page you can also find the solution to how to make a pregnant mannequin. You can easily do this with a loose stomach, which can be attached to a female mannequin doll. In this way, you have a simple and flexible solution for presenting waiting clothes. And the doll can still show off different clothes once you remove the belly. Under the category of women's gins, you can also find a gin that is made with a top belly. See the pregnant gine here.

Of more special appearances can we also present models made in wooden structure.

Articulated mannequins

Finally, we must not forget to talk about the formal mannequins. If you are looking for a formal mannequin, then you will find it here.

The flexible mannequins can be placed freely with arms and legs in all poses. Thus, they can act as climbers, skiers, riders, yes, anything that can be shown with clothes on, and these mannequins are both cheap and, not least, effective sellers.

We supply them as men, women and a range of children's sizes.

ManneQ.com has the selection, the rest is up to you, whether you choose high-gloss mannequins or our malleable ones, a pregnant version or something completely different, this category will always be worth a visit , so please visit us often.