Labeling around the product

Loop Strings - Textile Loops - Textile cords

String loops / Textile loops / Textile cords - Loops in plastic, cotton, hemp and ECO

Here you will find everything for product labeling, we have a large selection of e.g. loops / textile loops, guns for easy attachment of loops, hangtags and price tags. Our loops for price labeling are of course available with both a one-way lock and a two-way lock, in addition we have loops that can be tightened as needed, price loops with an elegant v-shape, as well as a wide range of other products for product labeling around an item.

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Pricing with loops is simple, you just need your loops and associated price tags/tags.

Remember our loops and loops are available with different types of locks. One-way lock, two-way lock and with lock where you can easily tighten the loop. With our range of loops, you therefore get an easy way to put price tags around your products - and have the opportunity to choose exactly the lock you want.

Ang. loops, they are often called different things besides loops, they are also called plastic loops, loop strings and loop fasteners. But it is the same type of product with a loop that is put around your item - and not pushed through the material.

The associated brands are also called very differently, e.g. cardboard signs, hanging tags, price tags etc., but it is simply the corresponding cardboard sign that you put together with the loop.

In our category for product labeling around a product, we also have hanging tags with string and copper wire. You easily tie these price tags around the product and can choose from many sizes and types of price tags. Our cardboard signs with copper wire, for example, are available in tear-resistant cardboard, which is almost impossible to tear.