Shopping basket & Customer basket

When the customer needs to collect the goods in your store, it is of course easiest to do so with one of our shopping baskets. And on these pages you will find shopping baskets that your customers can use. Choose between customer baskets and grocery baskets in metal and plastic in many different sizes and colors. There are also shopping baskets in the size you are looking for. is proud to also be able to deliver the new shopping trolley - see under Shopping Basket.

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More about your new shopping baskets

When you have many different items for customers to choose from, and you - quite naturally - want your customers to be able to collect as many items as possible before they leave at checkout, it is smart to have some light and spacious shopping baskets that customers can use.

We supply shopping baskets in almost all sizes, so you will also be able to find the kind of shopping basket that you need for. Regardless of whether you would prefer your shopping baskets to be made of metal or plastic, we would be surprised if you could not find them on these pages.

Shopping baskets in different materials

I In the Metal Shopping Baskets category, you will find baskets from the small and - dare we say: cute - wire basket to the large 26 liter baskets.

Under Plastic Shopping Baskets, the selection ranges from a small, handy pharmacy basket to the large monster baskets wheels that all major businesses use. You will of course also find the well-known shopping baskets, which are often called grocery baskets, because we often see them precisely at grocers. But they are certainly also used in larger shops and chain stores, as they are an excellent size for especially the (sometimes) hasty purchases of groceries and necessities. Whether you are looking for plastic baskets, plastic baskets, grocery baskets or plastic shopping baskets, you will find them here.

Accessories for shopping baskets

To assemble your customer baskets, you will find a docking station, that fits the most used sizes of shopping baskets in both metal and plastic. If you have many shopping baskets, you must also use several docking stations. We cannot recommend anything else.

If you would like to ensure that customers can also use the larger models of shopping baskets and still spare the customers' backs when the large baskets have to be lifted up to the checkout belt, you can install a basket lifter! Then no one gets hurt.

Do you think in terms of shipping costs for shopping baskets?

When you order shopping baskets, you should know that the shipping will be cheaper the more baskets you buy. It may seem a bit excessive with DKK 60-80 for 1 or 2 baskets, but when you order 10, 20 or more baskets, shipping quickly becomes very affordable compared to the total weight of the baskets. So you don't have to hold back from ordering many shopping baskets.

A special shopping basket: the shopping basket

Finally, is proud to be able to offer you - and your customers - the opportunity to to be able to order the "Yacht trolley" shopping basket, the small, easy-to-roll, fully collapsible but still very spacious shopping cart, which takes up nothing in the car or boat when you go out, but which can contain many days' provisions on the journey home.

< p>Look around the pages with shopping baskets and accessories. You will also be able to find the shopping carts you have in mind.