Gift basket & filling

Gift basket & filling

Wicker or chipboard gift baskets, wooden gift baskets, wicker baskets, bamboo baskets and basket filling

Make a very special gift wrapping with a gift basket filled with decorative Sizzlepack basket filling in different colours. Here you order round and rectangular gift baskets, which can also be used to present small items on the counter. And we also have the filling to put in the gift baskets.

Baskets for gifts

If you need empty baskets for gifts for the store, customers or business partners, you will definitely find something you can use here. It could be gift baskets for birthdays, for anniversaries, an Easter basket or a Christmas basket for your employees, only the imagination sets the limits. Regardless of what you need gift baskets for, you will find them here on the page.

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Empty baskets for gifts

Manneq has a range of beautiful gift baskets for all needs and industries. We have both round, square and oval gift baskets in different sizes and materials, which you can fill up as you see fit or use to make beautiful gift baskets for your customers. The empty baskets can also easily be used without filling, either as storage, decoration or as a nice overall gift idea. The baskets are of high quality and we continuously replace our gift baskets according to the trends of the time. You can also use the gift baskets as exciting atmosphere creators in your store. Our gift baskets are available in chipboard, bamboo and wood and, with their appearance, help to create a very special atmosphere in your store.

Gift baskets and filling

Do you use gift baskets as a gift for a customer, and need to wrap the item nicely, and you want to make sure that the gift and the gift basket do not break during transport, then you can use the very special sizzlepak, which provides a much nicer packaging than the more traditional flamingo filling, which can often seem a bit messy. Sizzlepak are small chopped strips that are good as extra protection. Especially for gifts, it is a really nice and different way of wrapping. Sizzlepack is i.a. practical for e.g. gifts such as chocolate or anything else that will look good with some extra filling. Place some clear plastic over the sizzlepak to collect the base in your gift basket and then place what you need to wrap on top.


If you use sizzlepak as protection, you can be sure , that your customers will be satisfied and happy to see that you choose to do something completely unique for their packaging. At Manneq, we have several different variants of sizzlepack in beautiful colors ranging from white to red and with sizzlepak you are sure that what you pack will be beautifully and uniquely wrapped together with e.g. gift baskets.