Coy female mannequin

Coy lady mannequins

Luxury lady mannequin with attitude and edge - 9 beautiful poses in 3 optional colors

Coy female mannequins, is a super modern mannequin series with edge and cool expression. The Coy mannequin's beautiful positions give life to your decoration and create a fantastic display. Coy is a semi naturalistic / stylistic mannequin that reflects the feminine attitude and yet carries an enigmatic expression. She has a modern face with details and attitude - and with a total of 9 beautiful poses and 3 different colors to choose from, you are guaranteed superb flexibility and quality with this mannequin series.

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A female mannequin with lots of attitude and options for styling

A lady mannequin with lots of attitude and styling options

Coy a super exclusive women's mannequin you notice

Coy ladies mannequins in nice dark ral color 8019

All Coy mannequins are in nice positions with edge and coolness

Coy lady mannequins in great positions

Coy mannequins create eye-catching and a fantastic display of clothing

Mannequins in beautiful graceful positions with expression and lots of style

< img title="Coy mannequins - several models" src="{{media url="wysiwyg/Mannequins/Ladies/coy/coy-damemannequiner-flere-modeller.jpg"}}" alt="Coy mannequins - several models" / >

Choose between 3 beautiful RAL colors - and possibly combine with wigs

Coy lady mannequins in 3 beautiful RAL colors