Shelving system

Present your goods with all kinds of hangings on our smart wall fixtures for shops. On these pages you will find different systems for hanging the goods on the wall. Systems with shelving profiles, grooved panels and rails. Here are grids to hang on the wall, put together for spectacular displays or use completely as you want. Here are hooks and front hinges for both wall systems and grids. You can also find mirrors, both ordinary mirrors, surveillance mirrors and traffic mirrors. Finally, we offer a number of fitting rooms plus accessories as well as - a mobile fitting room for events and markets.

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A wall system is unfortunately also shop furniture

On these pages you can see what we offer in shop furniture within wall systems for your business. Hang your goods on one of our wall systems, e.g. grooved panels or choose the Iron Pipe series, which in addition to racks for wall mounting also contains clothes racks and tables, other important elements of store furniture.

Grooved panels - and their cousin Zeta -the rail - is perhaps the most flexible type of wall furniture for shops available. There is no limit to the accessories you can choose to present your goods with on this wall system. Hang grooved panels on the wall and combine them with gondolas out on the floor, also with grooved panels, and then you have a nice unified look throughout the store.

Decorative grids and accessories - smart and airy wall furniture

Feel free to look at grids and all the accessories you can use to display goods on our decorative grids, which can both hang on walls or stand together on the floor. You can hang product hooks and other accessories on the grids. 2-3 grids on the wall are a nice and distinctive form of product presentation, and if you also choose a solution with deco grids assembled into a kind of 'gondola' or sales column, you can place your deco grids exactly where you want and where they fit best. It is a very cheap furnishing option, where you get a lot of shop furniture for little money.

Mirrors of all kinds

You can also look at our regular shop mirrors, which many shops, clinics, schools and music schools have already done. Large floor mirrors on wheels are good for the chiropractor, the singing teacher and all situations where a person has to look at parts or the whole of their body during exercises, training etc. You will also find mirrors to hang on the wall, for example in your fitting rooms, and if the customer needs to see his new shoes, we also have smaller mirrors to place on the floor.

We also have a large selection of surveillance mirrors and traffic mirrors. . If you want to secure your store, you can take a look at our wide selection of case mirrors and other types of "spy mirrors", which allow you to keep an eye on everything that goes on in the store.

Do you have slightly winding roads between the shelves in the warehouse or outside the store, a traffic mirror, often called a Tiger Mirror because of the striped edges in black and yellow, might be the perfect solution. With a traffic mirror, you can see concretely "around the corner", see what is coming rushing by or whether there is a free lane.

Flexible test room

Finally you can look at a completely different form of wall-mounted store furniture, namely fitting rooms for wall mounting, both on a wall and in a corner.

Let your customers try on clothes in peace and quiet in one of our fitting rooms. Several models are sold including a nice wall mirror, so here you have lots of wall furniture at the same time.

Choose between fitting rooms with 1, 2, 3 or 4 fixed walls or buy fitting rooms that simply consist of a wall-mounted rod with curtains. The choice is yours.

Look around, find your way around the many different options within wall furniture.

Have fun.