Glasses stands

Spectacle stands and spectacle displays

Spectacle stand, spectacle display or spectacle stand

Regardless of whether you are thinking spectacle display, spectacle stand or spectacle stand - then you are on the right track. Dear child has many names and so it is also with glasses stands. Here we have collected all kinds of displays for glasses. If you sell glasses, it is important to have the best way to present them. For this, we can present here a fine range of spectacle stands. Depending on the size of your business and your range of glasses, a pair of table-top eyeglass stands might be best, showing customers some good deals on glasses and sunglasses while they're standing at the counter - or you need more floor-standing eyeglass stands, that can display many different glasses.

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Glasses racks in acrylic and aluminium, glasses display for table, glasses rack with wheels and on the wall

At us you will find all types of glasses racks, glasses stands and glasses displays - and you also choose even the number of glasses you want to display.

Glasses stands, table display for glasses, table stands for glasses or glasses stands on wheels?

Here you can order many different solutions to present your glasses. Although you may only have a small selection of glasses or sunglasses to sell, it is important that they are presented in the best possible way.

Furthermore, it must be easy for the customer to try the glasses, and if they can just as easily look at themselves in a mirror to see the effect of the individual pair, it becomes almost the ideal situation for a good sale.

In some cases it may be necessary for you to ensure you that the glasses cannot too easily tempt someone to stick them to them. In addition, solutions have been made where the glasses are locked individually or in a row.

Table stands for glasses on the counter

If you only have a small selection of glasses, if your customers might need to secure a pair of sunglasses in passing, you can display 4, 5 and 6 pairs of glasses on our table displays. They are all made of clear acrylic, weigh nothing and do not take up unnecessary space. With these table stands, you can easily tempt the customer to buy a new, smart pair of sunglasses.

If the selection of glasses is rather large, we can also supply glasses stands to place on a table or counter, and where you can display from 10 to 36 pairs of glasses at once. We supply both 1-sided models and 4-sided, rotatable eyeglass stands. The largest model within the table stands also has a small mirror mounted at the top so that the customer can quickly check the appearance.

Glasses stand for many glasses

For the larger number of glasses you have to sell, you can larger racks may be necessary. There is only one thing to say about this: we of course also supply them!

Our top model, a tall and attractive floor stand, can hold 64 pairs of glasses. It is on wheels, so you can easily place it where it works best, there are 2 mirrors on top, and the eyeglass holders have a lock, so you have control over them at all times.

For eyeglass stores such as really have a lot of glasses to display, we can only say:

Glasses rack for wall

If you want to display glasses on the wall, you have several options for hanging them. If you have installed grooved panels on the walls, you can order a series of single brackets that carry 1 pair of glasses. Here, only the number of glasses and the space you have available on the grooved panels are decisive. We can supply spectacle hangers for grooved panels in 2 completely different versions.

If the glasses are to be presented on a wall without grooved panels, we can supply two spectacle stands that you mount directly on the wall. Each rack can hold 16 pairs of glasses or sunglasses. One model is also equipped with a smart locking rail that secures all the glasses against long-fingered people at once.

As you can see, there are several options for presenting both a few and many glasses. Look at the selection above and order your glasses stands today - we usually deliver 1-2 days later.