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Steamer / Tøjdamper ✅✅✅ - Here you will find your new steamer / tøjsteamer / steam cleaner for tøj, to take care of the shop's tøj . A steamer, clothes steamer or steam cleaner removes creases in clothes easily and effectively. Keep show clothes smooth and presentable with a clothes steamer. Below you can order små steamers / clothes steamers and choose a large professional steamer for clothes. A steamer/tøjsteamer lasts for years, as long as you remember to descale it regularly. Steam cleaners for clothes, for shops are indispensable for any business that wants to display its clothes on display. best way.

Effectively remove curls and creases with a steamer.

For just getting; Years ago, not many people had heard of a steamer / dry steamer. Today, the steamer has become an indispensable part of shops and many also use it; in the home, where it has become the iron's replacement.

When we talk about a steamer, tow steamer or hand steamer, there are different models on; the market. You can e.g. getting a hand steamer, which many shops carry; fairs and for smaller tasks. Or you can choose a steamer with a stand, which usually comes with a hook to hang the clothes on. while you steam it, thus smoothing out folds and/or curls.

Steamer for shops

A steamer or tøjsteamer is a steamer that is incredibly easy to work with with, alsoå even if there is not much space, as you can keep your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free without using an ironing board. Let the clothes in the shop look beautiful without the great trouble - maintain them with an efficient and cheap steam cleaner for clothes.

Steamer for Private

With a steamer do you have an easy, simple and practical tool to remove most curls and folds in your clothes. With a hand steamer you don't need to use an iron, and so is a really good solution for delicate materials. Steamers heat up very quickly and are therefore the perfect tool to have at home to remove those creases on the tøjet that appears before you go out the door. See our large selection of steamers here at ago.

Advantages of a clothes steamer

  • The steamer removes most odors and stains from your clothes.
  • It freshens the clothes up and drops dust mites.
  • You can smooth curtains and use it on other textiles and furniture.
  • You do not harm the environment, as the ironing/steaming is done without chemicals.
  • You do not need an ironing board.
  • The steamer straightens clothes quickly and efficiently.
  • Your steamer is ready for use, so as soon as you have reached the socket.

Do you do a lot of ironing, but would like to get rid of the trouble with an ironing board, such as; is a steamer/tøjsteamer the right choice. If you are looking for a completely traditional tow steamer with a handle or a hand-held steamer, then can you find it here at side, where we have one of Denmark's largest selection of professional steamers.

How does a steamer work?

A steamer does not work like a traditional iron. The steamer removes folds and creases without touching the textiles themselves, e.g. when the garment hangs vertically; a boy. A water vaporizer/steamer heats the water in the container until it reaches a temperature high enough to form steam from the water. The hot steam restores the fibers in the fabric, so they straighten without damaging the fabric. This makes the steamer suitable for use on especially delicate materials such as wool, cotton and silk. A clothes steamer also helps to kill bacteria and remove unpleasant odors from the clothes.

How do you steam clothes?

A steamer is very easy to use. Start by filling your steamer with water. Subsequently, you switch on; the switch and let it get hot, in the course of a lot of driving;you get the best use of the steam.

Now press the head of the steamer against the fabric and keep the fabric stretched out to get the best result. If you want to steam collars, you should always put the garment on; a completely flat surface, and steam horizontally, to bring the best result. Is it thicker materials that you need to steam, such as e.g. wool coats and fitting room curtains, you must use an accessory brush, such as; the steam can more easily penetrate the fibers.

Why a steamer?

With a professional steamer, you can refresh your own or the shop's clothes and extend the life of the clothes. Defrosted with the help of the hot steam. The steamer can be used for many different textiles such as delicate silk fabrics, overcoats or curtains without any risk of fragile marks. A hand steamer is therefore perfect for delicate materials and fabrics that are difficult or impossible to iron, and you also avoid the trouble of finding the ironing board from the stash.

Fresh your tø ;j up with a steamer

A steamer or thread steamer can remove curls and refresh several types of textile such as wool, cashmere, lace and silk. The hot steam from the steamer restores the delicate fibers in the textiles, soå The garment regains its original shape and will feel almost as good as new.

Quick refresh of your garment

Many steamers have a flexible design, with a very short heating time, which makes it incredibly quick and easy to freshen up your clothes in the store or the wardrobe with a steamer. It is soå simple, and makes quickly that it almost becomes fun to take good care of yourself; his tøj, and soå you get rid of all the trouble of finding the ironing board, since you just steam the clothes while it is on; the boy. Make your everyday life easier with a tow steamer that suits your needs.

A steamer is perfect for delicate materials

A tow steamer or steamer is perfect for everyone delicate materials that much of modern clothing is made of such as wool, cashmere, lace and silk. A clothes steamer is incredibly gentle on clothes, so you don't have to worry about sharing the fabric with flammable materials or the fabric shrinking. You also get rid of to think about all the difficult laundry advice that you hear all the wise come up with, or to remember about; to submit the clothes for cleaning.

Extending the life of the clothes with a steamer

When you use a steamer, you do not need to wash your clothes every time you want to freshen them up. The hot steam from the steamer removes 99.9% of the bacteria in it, which means that bad smells from e.g. sweat and cigarette smoke disappear. You not only save money on to bring cleaned clothes at a dry cleaners, but you also avoid washing the clothes too much, which wears out unnecessarily; that, and as a big plus, så is it kind to nature, a steamer does not use chemicals.

Descaling a steamer

You can extend the life of the steamer; your steamer for several years by using the right maintenance. We therefore recommend that you descale your steamer/steamer at regular intervals, preferably every 14 days, of course depending on how often you use it.

Are you a private person who uses it once? per week, a descaling once a month may be sufficient, but in clothing stores that use it every day, or a little less, it is a good idea. to descale every 14 days.

We recommend using Rydlyme descaler, as it is designed to descale steamers/tøjsteamers. If you still choose to use another descaling agent, which is produced for other machines, you must pay attention to; that you may lose your warranty on the product.

What can a steamer be used for?

Clothing / Tøj

With a hand steamer, the laundry is definitely over tøj. You can steam everything from the everyday clothes in the wardrobe, the designer clothes from the expensive shops to the gala dress.

Curtains / Blankets

Now the trouble is over, when curtains need to be ironed. With a steamer, you do it while they are hanging on; the curtain rod. Blankets can be pressure marks, if a piece of furniture or similar is standing on it; that for a long time. The pressure mark is easily removed with a steamer, especially; it rises again. The tablecloth that lies on the dining table can also benefit steamed while still minutes it is ready for use and you would very much like to have a fine and persistent jet of steam that you move over the cloth in calm movements. Now hang the clothes to be steamed on; a bar and start steaming at the bottom of the tøjet, thereby

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