Wire baskets and goods baskets

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Wire baskets for outside and inside, galvanized sales baskets, sales trolleys, wire baskets & goods baskets 

< p>Here you will find sales baskets and goods baskets for presenting your goods, sales baskets suitable for soft goods, racks with wicker baskets for bread and much more.

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Wire basket, sales basket or basket stand for outside and inside

Boxer is the name of a robust and strong dog breed and the name of a sales basket or basket stand  in galvanized wire. This is a product basket that we have proudly had in the range and sold thousands of, they can hold almost anything, they roll back and forth with products, year after year.

Boxer sales basket or basket racks are galvanized and supplied with wheels with brakes. There are two sizes, a basket stand of 50X50XH90 centimeters and a large basket stand of 50X95XH90 centimetres.

For the large basket stand and of course also the smaller basket stand, you can divide the basket into two using a room divider.

We can also offer a cheap white stacking basket, also on wheels and with room dividers as an extra accessory. The stacking basket can only be used for lighter goods and is not intended to be left outside.

A very cheap sales basket or cheap wire basket you will find in the Handy sales basket, a classic goods basket with a variable bottom. The Handy sales basket, like the Boxer basket, measures 50X50 cm, but is only 75 cm high, but as mentioned earlier with a variable bottom, so that it can hold a lot and be set up higher, so that the sales basket signals that it is full. Handy basket stand or wire basket can be made rolling with a so-called "pig" or square cart for the sales basket so that it can roll.

In our large selection you will also find an exclusive sales basket or goods basket that is completely black, i.e. a black sales basket or a black street basket on wheels, so that it can also roll into the store or out of the store if desired.

There are also sales baskets such as offer baskets in chrome with and without wheels, merchandiser basket stands and a long a variety of wicker goods baskets, wicker basket stands.

The range ends with buckets as goods baskets, sales baskets, mostly intended for flowers or flower stands