leg mannequins

Strømpeben and mannequin legs

Strømpeben and mannequin legs for ladies, men and children - incl. stocking feet

Here you find stocking legs, loose mannequin legs and feet to present stockings, socks and more

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Our mannequin legs are used for all kinds of purposes, so we hope that you find a mannequin foot or a stocking foot here that you can use, and get "foot" on it .

We have stocking feet in children's sizes and in several lengths and in several standard colors. If you are looking for white children's legs, we have them, if you are looking for skin-colored children's legs, we also have them, as well as a simple transparent model

Our mannequin legs in the adult sizes are (apart from a simple model) all self-standing either in the form of an embedded heavy metal lump in the tip of the foot or by having a powerful magnet embedded in the toe, which magnetically holds the sock foot to the supplied metal plate of 10X10 cm. You can also choose to put that type on a metal base, which the magnet in the sock leg can "suck" to.

A simple one of our sock legs is designed to hang on a ribbed panel, so you can display short sokker og andet.

A series of our cheap stockings are produced in plastic and are delivered either as skin-colored stockings or as clear, i.e. as transparent stockings. Both models come with a holder in the same colour, either clear or skin-coloured as standard. You can choose to take the mannequin leg itself out of the holder, where they stand with the toes down, and place them so that they or the toes point upwards, the choice is yours.

Ivory-coloured self-standing mannequin legs

Finally, we are proud to be able to present your really nice quality product in ivory-lacquered fiberglass, namely a men's foot in size 42 for short socks and a model that is cut just below the knee for long men's socks or men's stockings.

< p>Corresponding mannequin legs are available on the women's side, namely two models of stocking legs also in ivory or ivory white in size 38 and also in fiberglass

One model in size 38 for short ankle socks and a long model for above the knee intended for long socks, garter belts and more.

The ivory-colored mannequin legs for both men's and women's socks come with a magnetic metal plate of 10X10 cm. The sheet is gray varnished.

There may be a short delivery time for this shop inventory part with about a week of the last stocking feet.

Right now all our ivory colored fiberglass stocking feet are delivered free of charge within the borders of Denmark.

Large lots

If you need large lots in one color or another (over 20 pieces), we can do that too, call and get a good offer. This also applies if they are in the standard color white or skin-colored or clear.

You are always welcome to contact ManneQ.com during the telephone hours every day. We want to try to help as much as possible, call either our main number 70 236 136 or 4844 3990.