Here you will find some of the store fixtures that are hard to miss. Shelving for your shop, whether for the business premises or for the warehouse. Steel shelves that you can use anywhere, wooden shelves with a beautiful rustic touch, light shelves for the floor in the store or for the window, as well as cubes and podiums that can present goods anywhere in the store. Welcome to our shelves in our large selection of shop fittings at ManneQ 

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More about our steel shelves and wooden shelves

Our steel shelves that are good enough to stand out, you can buy in fixed sizes, build them together freely and combine them in every way with shelves, clothes rails and all kinds of hangers, and they are strong enough to carry even the heaviest things in the warehouse or in the shop or in the office or or or.

We call the steel shelving units TUBO shelving units , so if you've heard that name from other of our satisfied customers, then you know you're on the right track! Of course, we can supply all the TUBO shelving that you need.

As mentioned, the TUBO shelving unit can be purchased in fixed dimensions, but you are completely free to assemble the many loose parts to exactly what you need. bookshelf arrangement, which you we have. In addition to legs in several heights, you can choose shelves in different sizes, even triangular, front hinges and handles, and you can also put wheels under them and move them around or make compact shelves with several steel shelves next to each other, standing on guide rails!

The steel shelves are in a very nice chrome finish and therefore fit a great many of our clothes racks, which are also in a chrome finish, as well as several of our shopping baskets and finally several of our wall-mounted furnishing series, super rails for example and Zeta- the rail to name just a few

Wooden shelves with a rustic touch

We are particularly pleased to be able to present the Heritage series of wooden shop furniture. The wood is treated so that everything appears with a warm, almost rural - or perhaps a little 'old-fashioned' - atmosphere. The shelves in the Heritage series are no exception, and you will soon be happy with these large and very robust shelves. So you can choose between shop counters with shelves and cupboards as well as high shelves with and without extra cupboards.

Smaller shelves, cubes and podiums

We can also supply less substantial shelves, what we call Light shelving as well as smaller shelving types such as floor displays and wooden gondolas.

Finally, we sell a number of cubes and podiums that can be easily placed and placed around the store, not least in the window, and here you can then display all kinds of smaller goods, shoes, bags, books, wine, etc.

You will find it all on these pages, and we look forward to delivering exactly the steel shelves, wooden shelves or cubes that you want most happy with.

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