Framework wall rails - Beautiful and flexible wall system for shops

You can hardly choose a more flexible shop interior than with the Framework system. Mount the Framework on the wall, select L and T columns and place them where you want. The large accessory program can be used for both Framework and Pipe-Line wall systems, so there are really no restrictions on how freely you can design your business. Hang the Framework on the wall and furnish the rest of your business with clothes racks, mannequins and other shop fittings from ManneQ.

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Framework wall rails - square wall rails with 1 row of holes in many lengths

Framework wall rails are a super nice series of square wall rails with 1 row of holes.

Framework rails in chrome, black, titanium or aluminium

Framework wall rails are available in a total of 4 colours. Choose between chrome, black, titanium or aluminum-colored wall rails.

Framework L-pillars and T-pillars in chrome, titanium or aluminum color

Create gondolas for your wall system with Framework L-pillars . You can get our wall rails with L-shaped or T-shaped feet in aluminium, titanium and chrome.

Framework L-pillar - Freestanding single-sided gondola - add if necessary. grooved panel 

Framework L-pillars you can use to create a free-standing, single-sided gondola, for example fitted with a grooved panel. The gondola can then be placed against a wall. To stabilize a gondola, spacers are inserted, thus giving the gondola the right width.

Framework T-pillar - Freestanding double-sided gondola - add if necessary groove panel 

Framework T-pillars are brilliant for creating a two-sided gondola optionally fitted with groove panels. The gondola can then be placed freely in the room. As with the L-pillars, spacers are inserted to stabilize the gondola and give the gondola the right width.

Lots of accessories for Framework

Like all our other wall systems available framework with lots of accessories. You therefore decide completely yourself how your shop should be decorated with shelves, product hooks, hanger bars, decorative bars and a host of other shop fittings.