Bags & baskets

Bags, shopping baskets, gift wrapping - Everything from the customer putting in the basket to the product being in the bag

In these categories you will find everything for the customer's purchase, gift wrapping and packaging of goods for shipment. Choose between shopping baskets, carrier bags in paper and plastic, gift wrap, gift ribbons and decorative stars and find scissors, markers and tape dispensers as well as all the rolls of adhesive tape you could want. You can order cellophane in rolls, cellophane bags, organza bags and other fabric bags. When the goods are to be sent, you will need shipping boxes, packing tape, stretch film and bubble wrap - you will find all of this in the categories below.

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Shop equipment for purchase, packaging and take home

Your customers must be able to collect the goods together, the goods must be neatly wrapped and they must be brought home safely. You will find everything that is needed for this to happen in the best way on these pages.

Customers must collect goods

We supply shopping baskets in plastic and shopping baskets in metal, in other words, stackable shopping baskets in many sizes. Shopping baskets like those we all know from the supermarket and grocery store. So your customers can also collect lots of goods together when you order some of our shopping baskets.

... in bag and in ... bag!

To ensure that the customer can carry his purchases home safely, you can offer the customer different types of carrier bags. It can be small bags and large bags, depending on your goods, and it can be plastic bags and paper bags, and here it can often be your business style and elegance that determines whether you will prefer one type of bag over the other.

Regardless of your preferences, you can find here a very large selection of carrier bags in plastic and paper.

Gift wrapping and sensible packaging

Beautiful gift wrapping can be important in connection with the sale of your goods. We offer a large selection of gift paper, cellophane, gift ribbons, gift ribbon splitters, gift ribbon holders, gift boxes, wicker baskets, fillings for gift baskets and gift bags as well as various accessories, so that the gift wrapping will be completely special.

For wrapping your goods for shipment, we offer we everything in wrapping paper, wrapping tape, wrapping cellophane with the associated roll holders, shipping boxes, gift boxes and not least professional scissors and tape dispensers, so that the work is made easier.

Look around these pages and see that you can easily order everything your customers need to collect the goods and carry them home, and you can supply yourself with everything needed to wrap the goods beautifully and/or sensibly.