Street tables & Rolling tables

Sales tables with wheels - Street tables with wheels - Rolling tables for indoor and outdoor use

Here you will find a type of store furniture that can make everyday life easier and your shop interior mobile and flexible: namely rolling tables, display tables with wheels . Place these mobile sales tables where you want and where the goods perform best. Use them for trousers today and for shirts tomorrow. We have sales tables for indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for a clothes steamer or steel racks or suit bags, this is also part of our large selection of virtually everything within efficient and cheap shop fittings

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More about rolling tables or mobile sales tables on wheels for the store

A rolling table is the term for a sales table or presentation table with wheels on it. This means that the rolling table can be driven out onto the street or out in front of the store in a center and rolled into place in the evening at closing time.

We can offer a dozen different rolling tables, i.e. sales tables with easy-running wheels with brakes , so that they can stand safely where they are placed. We have different models of rolling tables for indoor use and rolling tables that are produced to be able to stand outside.

Our best-selling rolling table is LUTON. The Luton series consists of several different models of rolling tables or low tables with wheels on them, they are characterized by having two floors on which you can display or store goods, a table top at the top and a corresponding shelf below the table top, which is mostly for storage or storage, as the goods on the top of the table popularly say steal the attention, especially if the shelf is well stocked with goods.

It is an art to present and display goods optimally, but a rolling table is very successful, regardless of whether the table top and the shelf top is in glass or is made with melamine. The Luton series rolling tables are supplied with glass shelves or with melamine table tops. The individual rolling table can later, if you want it to be used as a fixed sales table in the future, well then the wheels can be removed and silent shoes can be inserted. The reverse can also be practiced, namely that the rolling table has its stationary shoes removed, they are easily unscrewed and a set of wheels is purchased from them, which are easily screwed in and suddenly the presentation table is transformed into a sales table on wheels or a rolling table.

The MAPLE series includes two sizes of sales tables, and similar to the tables from the Luton series, they can be freely chosen delivered with feet or with wheels so that they can be turned into rolling tables. The Maple series comes in two sizes, the width is the same, namely 80 centimetres, the overall length is 80 centimetres and 160 centimetres, i.e. twice the length of the small display table.

The tabletops are supplied in white melamine or in maple, the latter being a made-to-order item with a 2-3 week delivery time.

A rolling oval table for product presentation in three floors, the offer ends in tables on wheels, rolling tables or presentation tables, the model is available in white, gray and maple and is sent unassembled, but is really easy to assemble.