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Women's photo mannequin, men's photo mannequin, children's photo mannequin & torsos for photos

Packshot Photo Mannequin Dolls ✅✅✅. Do you need a photo mannequin for the next photo session for the magazine or webshop, such as; here you will find several types of photo mannequins, i.e. mannequins that are extremely suitable for clothing photography and where you can easily crop the images, especially; only the clothes are visible. We first show the super smart Packshot photo mannequins (at a really good price!), then the ultra-professional Ghost mannequins and finally the regular mannequins, which also can be used for clothing photography, first of all the ladies, so the men and finally the children.

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Mannequins for photographing clothes

- also called packshot photography

If you plan to photograph clothes for your webshop, for your catalog or for your website in general, you will get the best result by using a photo mannequin, which is specially intended for photographing clothes. For this we can supply three types of mannequins: the ultra-professional and "invisible" Ghost mannequins, the smart Packshot Mannequins and finally a wide range of ordinary mannequins that are also suitable for clothing photography.

The requirements for a photomannequin

A photomannequin or photogine must be completely straight, so that the clothes sit as neutrally as possible, while you can still see the shapes of the body under the clothes. This means that the doll must be upright, stand straight on its legs and the arms must hang straight down on both sides of the body in the same way. Furthermore, the head and feet are not necessary.

In addition, the photo mannequin must be completely matte in color, which is white by default. The white color must be completely flash dead, so thatis free and of course can also be rotated all the way around, so that pictures can be taken at all angles without the center shifting.

So far we can offer Ghost photo mannequins and pant jeans in four women's sizes and two men's sizes, so there is great opportunity for you to get some really good photos of all your womenswear and menswear with a suitable Ghost mannequin.

Do you have any questions?

If you have questions about photo mannequins, don't hesitate to call us on 70 236 136. We are available every weekday between 9 and 16 and will do what we can to help you choose and use the right mannequin for clothing photography. there are no extraneous reflections on the photos, which will make it very difficult to post-process the footage.

Photograph the clothes, not the doll

When you give the photo mannequin clothes on, you must remove redundant parts of the mannequin so that there are fewer and smaller areas of the image that must subsequently be cropped in the image processing.

This means that you must use a mannequin that is as light as possible can be adapted so that the photos turn out well and the photo session does not take an unnecessarily long time.

On this page you can choose between different solutions for such photo-suitable mannequins.

The cheapest solution - you think

You can choose an inexpensive solution with a simple fiberglass photo mannequin. Here you can cut away the unwanted areas of the mannequin. The challenge is, of course, that the parts that are cut away cannot be put back on the mannequin again.

If you later use a more complete photogine, you must out and get a new one. Since clothing fashion and your own selection change often, it can quickly become a very expensive solution to bet on the cheapest photo mannequins!

If you need children's clothing photographed, we can currently only offer mannequins of the simple kind. On the other hand, there are many fine models in different clothing sizes to choose from.

The Packshot series of professional photo mannequins at a good price also supplies the Packshot series. Here you can order a men's, a woman's and a unisex children's model. On all models, you can easily take the doll apart at the waist, change arms and remove parts of the neck, so that there is infinitely little to cut away in the image processing. With Packshot photo mannequins, you get a really good and robust doll that you can use in countless photo sessions. And at a very reasonable price!

The men's model corresponds to a size 48-50, the women's doll is in size 36-38 and the unisex model in child size corresponds to a child aged 8-10.

Expensive, maybe - but not in the long run

If you want to go for the ultimate solution instead, you can choose an ultra-professional Ghost mannequin or trouser torso. Here you can also reuse the photogine over and over again, and even if the price is a bit 'peppy', it won't take many photo sessions to make the price difference disappear.

If you choose a Ghost photo mannequin or trouser gine, you remove simply remove the excess areas from the doll by hand and take your photos. Then you just as quickly get the photogine ready for the next piece of clothing and the next photos. The Ghost mannequin is never destroyed. It can be used again and again for all kinds of clothing - you choose the trouser torsos if you are primarily going to photograph trousers and skirts.


If you are to photograph many pieces of clothing with short and long sleeves, it will of course be an advantage to use a mannequin with arms that can be adjusted to the sleeve lengths. For that, the Ghost models excel in that they come with both short and long arms that are attached with magnets. This allows you to easily switch between different arm lengths so that the clothes are filled out in the right way. Absolutely without cutting anything!

Ghost mannequins are placed on a base plate with wheels that can be locked. You can choose a Basic base plate, where the doll is fixed and where you have to rotate the base plate to photograph in other angles. Instead, you can choose a Premium base plate, where the mannequin is placed on a turntable, which can be freely rotated 360 degrees, while the base plate is fixed. This means that the center does not change in the pictures.

The trouser hangers can also be placed on a base plate, but you can also order a hanger, which is delivered with a Basic base plate. The trouser torso is hung on the gallows, hang