Labeling through product

Marking through product

Textile guns, pins / plastic cords, cardboard signs / hangtags

Here you will find everything within for products for adding a price and product labeling through an item. We carry an extensive range of tag pins, textile guns - and everything that goes with these products. Here are pins for textile guns in every thickness, color, quality and price range. You will of course also find a wide range of textile guns for many different types of products and qualities for every budget.

Pins also have many other designations such as e.g. textile cords, plastic cords, tag-pins etc., but these are the products you need for your textile gun.

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Tag-pins, pins, plastic cords, nylon cords, plasticstrips 

Dear child has many names - but it is the same product, namely the plastic cords you push through the tøjet.

Textile gun, needles for textile gun, pins, cardboard signs  - we make it easy for you to choose

If price marking is new to you, we have put together 3 textile gun packages that make it easy for you to get started with your product. rkning - (Item no. MQCHTAG2730-a, MQCHMIDI and MQCHMAXI).

All packages contain a standard textile gun, this means that the textile gun and the plastic cords can be used for all common materials.

If you want to use the textile gun for very delicate materials, you must have a “Fine Fabric” gun and associated “Fine Fabric” textile cords.

Heavy Duty tag pins simply mean that the plastic cords are made of nylon, which makes them extremely durable.

In our starter set, you get, in addition to the textile gun, naturally also ; standard tag-pins with - and you get textile gun pins, as well as price tags in different numbers.

Our last package also includes; a price tag gun with price tags and paint rollers for the gun.

This package makes it easy to first shoot the high price targets; your products with the textile gun - and then to make a quick price marking with the price gun. You don't have to write the prices on itself - and has a solution for products that are not suitable for receiving shot plastic cords through, e.g. shoes or similar.

Ang. tag-pins, så has loved the child many names. They are called i.a. textile cords, plastic cords, nylon cords etc., but it is the same product type.

The same applies to the cardboard signs, they are called, among other things, Hanging markers, cardboard markers, etc., but are also; én and same product type.