Superplug wall system - wall fittings & wall fittings in exclusive brushed satin chrome

Superplugs - our own darling in wall systems for the presentation of goods. Shop fittings with the Superplug system can do everything you want with your suspension. And it's just so beautiful how everything floats on the walls! Superplug is shop furniture that sneaks into other parts of the shop, fitting rooms, clothes racks and price tags in the most elegant way.

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Create elegant sales walls with Super-Plug brackets and a multitude of Super-Plug accessories

Super-Plug is a fantastic wall system that we at think is completely unique. You get an extremely elegant wall system, unparalleled flexibility both now and in the future - and in our eyes it is an insanely cheap solution compared to how nice the system looks.

Super-Plug wall bracket, front hinges, hanger bars, shelf jacks, product hooks, etc.

The fantastic thing about Super-Plug is that it is an extremely nice system where you get everything you need for your sales wall in a complete design. You will never be short of delicious solutions for your sales wall. Super-Plug a well-thought-out furniture system, where something has been made of both design and range.

Super-Plug - not just brackets and accessories - add a Super-Plug plate and the wall is hidden

If you've fallen in love with our Super-Plugs but aren't so keen on your store walls, use our Super-Plug sheets, they create a great look and are easy to install.

An inventory system that is easy to mount on the wall

Do you want to install front hangers, product hooks. hanger bars etc. directly on the wall, then you just need two screws for each bracket - set for accessories on the bracket and you have a sales wall.

Super-Plug walls - pre-drilled sales walls that fit perfectly with your Super -Plug accessories

If you want to use the Super-Plug system as a covered sales wall, buy our Super-Plug walls. They are discreetly pre-drilled to make it easy for you - and at the same time you still have the option of choosing your own mounting.

Add shelves to your wall system - use Super-Plug shelf jacks, available both for glass- and melamine shelves

Of course you can add shelves to this wall furniture system. Shelf pegs for Super-Plugs are available in several lengths, as well as for both wood/melamine and glass.