Paper bags

Paper bags

Paper bags as carrier bags, paper gift bags, fruit bags in numerous colors and sizes

Here you will find a large selection of paper bags, carrier bags and shopping bags in paper and gift bags in paper. We also have the paper bag that you or your customers will be most happy with. See for yourself the many options from beautiful and exclusive carrier bags - to wine bags and gift bags with a window (!) - to the simple fruit bag.


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We have a large selection of paper bags for your shop/business, so whether you are looking for large, small, wide, narrow or long paper bags, or whether you looking for bags with handles, without handles, with patterns or solid colors, we are confident that we have the paper bag for you too.

Paper bags are often far more durable than plastic bags and can therefore be used again and again without to look used and thus advertise your store. The paper bags can be supplied in different sizes, designs and numbers.

We supply all kinds of paper bags and carrier bags. From the simple brown fruit bags to exclusive carrier bags in different sizes with matching patterns. If you prefer the simple look, we have brown and white paper bags with handles, but you can also choose from our bags with various patterns. We can then reveal that zebra-striped carrier bags are a hit with many of our customers' customers!

You can choose between bags with discreet patterns and more flashy ones, well, whatever kind of paper bag you prefer, then we have some really good suggestions for that.

LOGO for your paper bags

Get your or our printer to make you a number of self-adhesive labels with your logo, address and phone number and set them on the bags during a quiet time during opening hours.

Cheap shipping on paper bags

Regardless of whether you order 1 package or 5, 10, 20 packages of paper bags, it only costs one shipping , so package no. 2,3, 4 etc is delivered FREE OF CHARGE with us.