Build your own bookshelf

Build Your Own Shelving

Build your own steel shelving. The TUBO shelving has no limitations, you can choose all the parts you want to use to build your very own shop interior with TUBO shelving. Below you will find all the parts for our TUBO steel shelving. Select legs, shelves and the many other parts that make up the TUBO bookcase.

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A bookcase can hang on the wall, but most stand on the floor and have 4 legs, our Tu-Bo bookcases stand solidly planted on 4 legs, which can be from 90 cm high up to many meters in height, the most common heights or lengths are 160 cm, 200 cm and 220 cm.

All legs are supplied in a nice shiny chrome plating and is fitted with a leveling shoe, so that each leg in the build-it-yourself bookcase can be adjusted so that the bookcase stands completely flat or completely level, regardless of how crooked the surface it is standing on is.

You can also choose to replace the stationary shoes with wheels of different sizes if you need to roll with the shelf or just think it's cool to have large wheels on your or your shelves, it can look pretty good or really good in it proper interior design.

You can place the shelves of the build-it-yourself bookcase anywhere on the bookcase legs and they can easily handle up to 100 kilos each, the build-it-yourself bookcase is pure luxury or super quality.

Now we have the shelves of the bookcase, they are available in 2 depths, namely 36 cm or 46 cm, and the standard widths are 46 cm, 61 cm, 91 cm and a full 122 cm long. These are ordinary flat shelves with a small edge all around. You can easily move the individual wire shelf and place it elsewhere, higher or lower as you wish.

The build-it-yourself shelf is very easy to assemble and just as easy to take apart, so you can move the shelves freely. around if you need it.

We have chosen to collect the most common or best-selling models in packages. Here you can choose between the following sizes.:

Width 61 cm

Width 91 cm

Width 122 cm

and the following heights< /p>

90 cm with 3 shelves

160 cm with 4 shelves

220 cm with 5 shelves

Another popular variant is the 220 cm high, build your own bookcase with 3 shelves and a wardrobe rod or a hanger rod, so that you can put up clothes on the shelf.

The hanger rods are supplied or can be ordered in 2 lengths, namely 91 cm and 122 cm long, so they fit the 91 cm wide and 122 cm wide shelves

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