Wooden hangers

Træbøjler for clothesøj - Cheap wooden &æbøjler for shop, private, exhibitions and fairs

Wooden braces of all kinds, not least a number of cheap but strong wooden braces. See also our regular hangers for jackets or choose between hangers for shirts and blouses. Choose sweater bras, baby bras, baby bras, junior bras, bras with notches for straps, bras with rubber, bar bras, bras with clips, black or white high-gloss bows. See all bøjler for storing clothes.

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Wooden hangers

Large selection of wooden hangers, clamps and other hangers for shops and businesses.

It is important to ensure that the clothes are displayed on the right way to maximize your sales. In addition, we can help you, among other things, by offering you our wide selection of wooden hangers in many different qualities, colors and sizes. We also have plastic hangers and metal hangers.

Wooden hangers - Black & White Velvet

We have pretty much all the regular wooden hangers, but also a few series at the very exclusive end without the cost whites out of the eyes.

This concerns, for example, the series Black Velvet and White Velvet, which are two series of very exclusive hangers in wood, coated with an incredibly delicious rubber surface in either matt black or matt white. Add to this that the hanger hook is made of a very strong satin chrome quality, and you have some of the finest wooden hangers you can find.

We highly recommend these super nice wooden hangers for the exclusive shop and areas where exclusivity must be signalled.

Black Velvet and White Velvet hangers are stocked

  • in baby size
  • in junior size
  • as 24 cm long clip hanger or trouser hanger
  • as an ordinary jacket or shirt hanger
  • as an adult hanger with movable clips and
  • as an exclusive jacket-coat hanger with 5 cm wide arms

Look through our range to find the perfect hangers for your store and for your purpose.

Wooden hangers in different sizes

In addition to hangers and clamps, leading we a variety of hanger size brands in different colors and with different pre-printed sizes for both men, women and children.

ManneQ.com is notorious for fast delivery, so whether you need 1 or 10 or 20 boxes hangers, we will do everything to deliver to you at the latest the day after your order.

Wooden hangers without bar and clamps

Here you will find all kinds of wooden hangers from the very cheap to the luxurious coat hangers or coat hangers with wide arms in a bold and strong quality of wood.

We also have the usual hangers for blouses, shirt hangers, jacket hangers, sweater hangers, as well as children's hangers, baby hangers, junior hangers and many hangers with notches for straps, more with rubber coating.

Habit hanger, suit hanger and other clothes hangers with rod

We stock a small number of wooden hangers with rod and one with a notch for straps.

Also here you can find the classic wooden hanger with wide arms in a nice wood quality.

Look around and choose your wooden hangers.