Pipe-line wall rails

Pipe- line wall rails - Round wall rails that can be used both on the wall and as a gondola

Choose to design your store with the Pipe-Line system and you will soon be able to enjoy the freedom you have to present your goods in the best possible way. The large accessory program can be used by both Pipe-Line and Framework. Of course, we carry product hooks, decorative bars, shelves, displays and many other accessories for the wall system. And when you have chosen a wall system, we at ManneQ.com also offer all the other shop equipment you need, such as a clothes steamer, clothes hangers, price tags, gins and other goodies from the shop.

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Pipe-line columns - wall rails in chrome, black, titanium and aluminium-coloured

Our pipeline wall rails are available in a total of 4 colours. The wall rails are available in chrome, black, titanium or aluminum and of course the decorative pipeline footplates are available in all 4 colours.

Pipe-line as a gondola

With the round decorative Pipe-line footplates, With this wall system, you can create a complete and exclusive look. Use the wall columns on the wall and you have an elegant wall system -  or put the round base plates on the columns and you have a fantastically nice shop gondola. You decide entirely yourself.

Lots of accessories for pipe-line

Like all our other wall systems, Pipeline is available with lots of accessories. You therefore decide completely yourself how your shop should be furnished with shelves, product hooks, hanger bars, decorative bars and a host of other shop fittings.