Cleaning spray & stain remover

Here you can order various spray cans with cleaning spray, e.g. glass cleaner and plastic cleaner as well as stain remover for clothes, furniture and other store fixtures. You must be aware that all stain removers must be used with care. The strong solvents must always be tested on an area of ​​the material that cannot be seen before you start removing the stain itself.

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Cleaning spray and stain remover

It can be difficult to keep your business spotless. Here, of course, we are only talking about real, physical stains :-)

Stains and other dirt that magically appear on all shiny surfaces. In everyday life, all shiny surfaces quickly become stained, small dirty fingers can be seen in the strangest places, and unfortunately, accidents also happen from time to time.

And then you have to act with the right means to to polish the shiny surfaces and to remove the ugly stains.

In the same way, it is sad when clothes, furniture and other shop fittings are wasted.

But don't worry, help is at hand close, so close that you can order it here on these pages.

Polish the glass and plastic surfaces

There are many types of liquids for cleaning and polishing windows, mirrors and the top your disk. Above, you can order the right tool to do just that. Our glass cleaner removes all dirty fingers in a flash, and your windows, display cabinets and counters will once again shine in all their glory, so that the goods can be seen from all angles.

For plastic or acrylic surfaces, choose our plastic cleaner. The bottle is not large, but on the other hand the contents are effective.

You must remember that there is a big difference between polishing glass surfaces and plastic and acrylic surfaces. Glass can withstand the harsher agents, while plastic and acrylic must be treated more carefully. You don't risk damaging your plastic or acrylic surfaces with our plastic cleaner.

"Get rid of it, stain!"

Stains and stains can be many different things: oil stains on clothes, tar stains from customers' shoes on your carpets, dried chewing gum in the fitting room, and you yourself know best how often you see stains of all kinds around a busy business.

We can supply different stain removers, both more general stain removers , which can remove or greatly reduce even the worst stains on furniture and carpets, and special agents that, for example, are designed to remove chewing gum.

Remove stains with care

When removing stains, you must always pay attention to which surface the stain or dirt is on. Not all surfaces and materials can withstand the harsh agents that stain removers can contain.

If the stain remover is to be really effective, it can also mean that there are health-hazardous ingredients in the spray can that you want use to remove the stain. Therefore, always remember to carry out the cleaning with good ventilation, perhaps outdoors.

Finally, we would strongly recommend that you always check whether the materials can withstand the treatment. Test the cleaner on an area of ​​the surface or material that is not normally seen. If the material is not damaged there - or you can accept any discoloration - you can start cleaning yourself.

We can only recommend our various cleaning agents and stain removers, but it is up to you to use them. with care!

Order your cleaning sprays and stain removers today before noon and we'll usually deliver it all to you the next day.