Here you can see and find almost everything for the office, including raise and lower tables, ergo office chairs, saddle chairs, bookcases, fire cabinets, drawer cassettes, chair bases, relief mats and much more that can facilitate and optimize office work and take care of your health.

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We humans generally move too little, it is therefore really smart and important to be able to multitask both as a man and as a woman also when we are at work, i.e. combine work and health, mobility fitness

One raise-lower table from us means that you keep your body moving and don't fall into the same position for hours. A saddle chair or a balance chair is also good. When you sit down, it is important that your office chair can be adapted 100% to you, and you can easily do that with all our office chairs. Your back and legs will love one of our relief mats when you stand up. Invest in yourself with thoughtful office furniture from We usually deliver within a few days! Order confidently and look forward to a healthier office life also in the home office and get order and more from your hands!

On each and every one of our office chairs you can see/read the following:

  • Seat height:    
  • Seat depth:   
  • Seat width: 
  • Back height:    
  • Colour:    
  • Material:  
  • Mechanism:   
  • Recommended usage time:    
  • Armrest:    Yes/no
  • Max. load:   
  • Wheel type:   
  • Foot cross:   
  • Adjustable lumbar support:    Yes/no
  • Weight:    
  • Mounting :    Supplied unassembled/assembled

It is important to us that you choose the right office chair regardless of whether it is in the company or for the home office, pay particular attention to the recommended usage period. Don't let the price be the deciding factor, your health and productivity deserve the best.