Unique sale signs

Give your offer campaign a new and exciting look with these great motifs and slogans on sales materials that are ready to hang and stick on the windows. You can choose between elongated and round window streamers, sales signs in all sizes and posters in attractive and colorful motifs, all sales materials that catch the eye. These unique sales materials can only be ordered at ManneQ.eu!

In this category you can choose between new motifs for sale - all the materials are of exquisite and durable quality.

Order today and you have a "new" store next week with a well thought out and strong selling SALE theme.

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How to attract customers to your sales, the answer is simple and comes here.

You must have a coherent strategy or theme for the sale, so you choose one of the many well-developed effective sale themes here and order .

Give the sale days a new, a particularly different and a much more exciting design with these mega-cool motifs and elaborate slogans on several types of display material  or sales material!

Choose between elongated and round window streamers, sales signs in several sizes and posters for your A-signs with nice and eye-catching motifs/themes/colors.

All these effectively selling sales signs and streamers in elaborate themed series can only be ordered at ManneQ.com!

On these pages, it is about motifs for Sale without a special theme. Choose the theme or themes that suit you best

Order the vinyl streams in the theme and put them up in your windows, if you have a street sign, then you put a couple of sale signs in there in the same theme and suddenly you have a new exciting and inviting store seen from the street and the passers-by.

The next step is your window display, here you replace all price tags with price tags in the theme series, now the street and window displays are connected, then all you need is the shop premises themselves, before the mission is completed, here too you put up new price tags, posters and posters in the theme and voila, a transformation has taken place, you are now standing in a completely new shop which will attract new and old customers

Order today and your new store will steal the street scene from next week and attract new and old customers who used to pass by your store.