Suit bags/clothing bags

Suit bags ✅✅✅ - At ManneQ we have a large selection of suit bags, collection bags, dry cleaning bags and ready-to-wear bags. We have fabric bags, thin plastic suit bags, shoulder covers and cleaning bags. If you need cheap suit bags, you have come to the right store, we sell both to private individuals and to businesses such as clothing stores, dry cleaners, tailors and the like. Several of our smart suit bags are made of removable fabric material, which allows clothes such as wedding dresses, dresses, suits and jackets to dry out during long-term storage.

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Dress bags for suits, dresses & wedding dresses

With a suit bag you protect your party dresses, suits and wedding dresses from dirt, dust and nasty smells while the clothes are tucked away for storage or when you wear them fairs or travel. We have a large selection of suit bags designed for both private and professional use, which is why they are widely used in clothing stores, fairs and exhibitions.

Suit bags are an all-time solution for protecting suits, blazers, wedding dresses , party dresses and furs when they hang in the wardrobe, shop or in storage for storage. In addition, suit bags are also a very practical way to store and transport your clothes in, as they can be easily folded without the clothes getting wrinkled.

Suit bags for wedding dresses

Many people store their wedding dresses in boxes, on a gine or in bags, more or less hidden away from everyday life, but this is not always the best for the clothes. If you store one or more wedding dresses on gins, they can firstly fade in colour, even if it is a white wedding dress, they easily turn yellow in the places that have been exposed to sunlight.

In addition, there is the problem of fabric also absorbing fragrance, so if your dress has been in a place with perfume, e.g. in your bedroom where you stand and put on perfume, day after day, the wedding dress will absorb the perfume, and over time will start to smell bad.If your wedding dress is stored on a rack in a room with a lack of ventilation, it can easily smell damp, and because of the humidity, moths can enter the material, and the wedding dress will therefore eventually break.

< p>That is why we always recommend storing your wedding dresses in professional suit bags for wedding dresses, so that they do not get worn out, fade in color, or get damp and thus a bad smell and break.

Dress bags for dresses

If you need to store dresses either for a long time, or during transport, it is a really good idea to do it in dress bags made for the purpose. Regardless of whether there are long dresses, short dresses, wedding dresses or prom dresses, the suit bag is the only right choice for storing dresses.

In addition to giving your clothes the best conditions for staying wrinkle-free, it's also super easy to transport your dresses, as the suit bags can be easily folded so you avoid creases and wrinkled clothes.When you arrive at the fair, or if you just need to store the dresses in stock or something else, it is also possible to hang the dresses in the suit bags on a clothes rack.

Thin plastic suit bags

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Anyone who has picked up clothes from a dry cleaner knows these long thin plastic suit bags. The materials are well saved here, because these kinds of clothes bags only need to be used once - at least that's the idea. We supply thin plastic suit bags in rolls with many bags in them. You can choose between dry cleaning bags in different lengths, which means that the long roll is perforated in suitable lengths. You can therefore buy a roll of 450 thin plastic suit bags with a length of 91 cm or a roll of 260 bags of 167 cm. So here, too, you can choose different types, depending on the type of clothing to be protected.

Collection bags

Unlike the suit bag, which is intended to protect a piece of clothing, you can also choose collection bags, which, as the name indicates, are intended to contain several pieces of clothing, collections. In practice, the clothes are hung on hangers and then placed in collection bags. You can choose between collection bags with a drawstring closure and with the so-called suitcase closure. Suitcase closure means that in the top of the collection bag there are two long pieces of metal tube that you press together around the many hanger bars at the same time, almost in the same way as it was used on medical bags in the old days! When the hangers are collected in a trunk lid, you can more easily move the many hangers from one stand to another, as the hanger hooks are clamped together as one unit.

Shoulder covers

For quick moving of e.g. a theater wardrobe from a warehouse for the theater, you might be content with a strip of shoulder covers. These short plastic capes are quickly hung over a hanger, and then the clothes can handle a short trip across the yard, even if it were to drip a little.

Suit bag for fur

Do you need to store fur , then always do it on a wide hoop, such as coat hangers, and never on a hanger. Then you can advantageously pull a suit bag over it, so that the hanger hook comes out of the suit bag and you can then hang your coat for storage in the suit bag.

If your coat is wet, it must of course be dried before you hang it up storage, the easiest way to do this is to let it dry slowly in a room with good ventilation. When the fur has become dry, it can be shaken into shape so that it is ready for use.Do not let the coat hang too hot, nor in direct sunlight, and use a breathable suit bag. That way you protect your fur in the best possible way against moths. Always check your fur for moth eggs before you hang it for storage in a suit bag.

Suit bags in several sizes

At ManneQ we sell many different suit bags in several different sizes. Some of the suit bags are made of thin transparent plastic and others of a stronger material, so they are suitable for long-term use and reuse. So regardless of whether you run a dry cleaner, laundry, if you are a tailor or have a clothing store, we have the right suit bags for you and your business.

Cheap suit bags

When you buy suit bags from ManneQ, you can be sure that they are worth every penny. All our cheap suit bags are made from durable materials. If you need a lot of cheap suit bags, ManneQ is the right place to shop. We are always reasonable in our prices, and we are always open to making a good offer for you or your company, so that you get the right cheap suit bags home.