Torso mannequins

Women's torsos, men's torsos & children's torsos - with and without stands - also hanging torsos

Here you will find your new torso or mannequin top in women's, men's and children's models for presenting clothes. We have short and long torsos with or without arms, some models come with stands, for other models you must remember to order stands separately. First we show all the women's torsos, then the men's torsos and the children's torsos. At the end of the page you can see various accessories, stands, suspensions etc.

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More about the large selection of torsos for displaying clothes

A torso can best be described as part of a body, here in our webshop as part of a body from a mannequin doll. Like all other mannequins and gins, a torso is intended for displaying clothing in a clothing store, a sports store, or other places where you want to show off particular types of clothing.

According to Wikipedia, a torso is a body, where the head, arms and legs are not included and it is transferred to the mannequin world so that torsos can be a mannequin body without a head and with the legs cut off at the knee. It can also be a lower part, i.e. from slightly below the navel downwards or the other part, from the navel upwards, but torsos are generally a body part taken from a mannequin. We therefore do not distinguish as sharply as in the anatomical world, so a bottom or a top in our webshop can also be called a torso, a mannequin top or mannequin bottom, in short mannequin dolls which therefore just consist of part of a mannequin body .

Torso with or without stand

A torso for clothing cannot stand on its own in some cases, therefore several of our torsos are delivered with a stand that can be long or high , so that the torso is at eye level. They can also be short, so that the individual torso is a table model or intended to be placed on a shelf. Some models can stand on their own, for example the FASHION series, but here you also have the option of buying low and high stands, additionally in both black and titanium-coloured models.

If you want have all the options to be able to place your torsos in shops, you should look at the Energy series. Energy torsos are available in women's, men's and children's models, and for this you can buy both stands and neck fittings and various types of suspension, so that you can freely place or hang the torso where it works best.

Torso i different materials

The classic torso for presenting clothes consists of the mannequin body itself with arms cut off at the shoulder and with 10-15 centimeters of legs/thighs and of course without a head. They exist as men, as ladies and as children and teenagers. They can be produced in flamingo, these are our completely cheap torsos, they can be produced in different plastic qualities, for example in clear plastic, in white plastic or in black plastic and finally in fiberglass, which is at the slightly more expensive end compared to the totally cheap torsos. A torso made of fiberglass, on the other hand, is incredibly durable and almost indestructible.

Some of our torsos made of fiberglass can be painted, and we can offer them in all the colors and glosses of the rainbow, so you're in for a mailbox red in high gloss are we capable of delivery, we are also for a sky blue model with arms, "you name it, we get it"

Hollow torsos

A slightly more special form of torso for clothing is the so-called "shells", not beach shells, but a front, a torso-shell without a back, e.g. a torso, which many know or have seen hanging with a T-shirt or the like. Torso shells are made of - often transparent - plastic and give a simple but eye-catching impression.

Torso shells can be used to present a t-shirt, a bra, panties just to name a few examples .t

We sell a lot of shells or fronts with a hanger hook, so that it can be hung on a clothes rack or a goods hook or a front hanger and show off the clothes that you want to display or focus on.< /p>