Here you will find ordinary mirrors both as wall mirrors, shoe mirrors and single and double floor mirrors with and without wheels as well as shop mirrors and other types of surveillance mirrors of many kinds for furnishing your shop and your warehouse. If you are looking for a corner mirror for indoor use or perhaps a Tiger mirror that can help traffic in the warehouse or outdoors, then you should take a look at these subcategories. Stop shoplifting effectively with mirrors, see more here.

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Mirrors for all purposes

In our two subcategories you can find mirrors for virtually all purposes.

Floor mirrors, shoe mirrors, table mirrors in several sizes

Under the category Ordinary mirrors, you will find small and large wall mirrors that can be used, for example, in fitting rooms. We supply floor mirrors with and without wheels, and we know that our tilting mirrors on wheels in particular are immensely popular in chiropractor clinics, in music schools and anywhere else where you need to be able to see and assess the reactions and posture of the entire body.

Among the floor mirrors, of course, there are also shoe mirrors, an indispensable piece of shop equipment in shoe stores.

Finally, we also have table mirrors that customers can use to check their appearance with the new glasses or sunglasses. The table mirrors can be perfectly placed on the counter, so that testing, approval and purchase can take place immediately.

Shop mirrors, traffic mirrors and other types of surveillance mirrors

Or as some say: spy mirrors!< /p>

In addition to being able to show the customer the new clothes, the new shoes or glasses, mirrors can also help secure a business against theft, loss and other accidents. Sensibly placed, surveillance mirrors, yes, any kind of mirror in fact, can create an overview and provide a view of places that are covered by shelves, corners, etc. For this kind of monitoring, we supply several professional models, so you can also see around corners!

In the warehouse and out on the access road, a traffic mirror that shows what is happening around the corner can help to prevent many accidents and mishaps.

ManneQ.com supplies all kinds of surveillance mirrors for both indoor and outdoor use, so we are sure that you will also find the mirrors that you and your shop need inside and out.

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