Wall fixture accessories

Below you can see the categories within wall fittings where you can order various types of accessories for the various wall systems. We have collected it in groups for product nooks and shelves. many of which can be used for multiple wall systems. Finally, we have created a category with Miscellaneous wall fixtures, where you can find shop fixtures that can be mounted directly on the wall.

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Accessories for your wall system

You need something to place your goods on your wall system in your shop or business. Below this, you must especially use storage hooks and shelves.

In the categories above, you can buy storage hooks of many kinds for the wall systems. Goods hooks are a simple form of wall furniture, where you can get even a long strip of goods to hang neatly next to each other, divided according to the type of goods, in record time. Candy bags, bags and boxes with nails and screws, small electronics, all kinds of smaller items that are sold individually or in bags can quickly be put in place, and you can always keep an eye on whether one of the spaces is about to be empty, so you can fill up again.

Product hooks can be bought in several lengths, from 5 cm to 30 cm. Depending on the length, the thickness may vary, but the appearance of a wall system with product hooks of different lengths will always be uniform. They are available in different qualities, so there is something for both the big and the not-so-big wallet.

Your shop will also have a hard time doing without a special type of wall furniture: the shelves. In our webshop you can choose from a 'sea' of wooden and glass shelves. Regardless of whether you need to present books, tools, shoes and boots or perhaps some smart trinkets or bijouterie or jewellery, you will find shelves that suit your needs exactly - for virtually all of our wall systems.

Should if you are instead looking for front hinges and the like to mount directly on a wall or a plate, don't worry. We certainly also supply this kind of wall furniture.