Item hooks and item spikes

Here you will find single and double item hooks, item spikes, Eurohooks, T- hooks etc. - in lengths from 2 to 30 cm - for many different types of hanging systems and various shop fittings. For example, for grooved panels, Zeta rail and perforated plates with round or square holes. Other product hooks are intended for installation on deco rods that are 5 mm or 12 mm thick. In addition, you will find, among other things, goods spear for the Iron Pipe system and many other systems. Huge selection in product nooks, find your product nook here

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Here you will find goods hooks in all sizes and qualities

If you sell small items in bags or boxes with handles, you can advantageously hang the goods on goods hooks, what some call goods spears, as some of the types well can look long and pointed. As with everything else, there are many types of product hooks, and you need to know what kind of hooks are suitable for the products you are going to hang.

We carry virtually all types of product hooks from the very short 2-5 cm and up to 30-50 cm length for all types of panel, slatted panels or panel walls, grooved panel, the Zeta rail and hooks for various spear rails

We also have a large range of product hooks for decorative poles, as well as for all kinds of perforated plates, e.g. for square perforated plates, hooks, skewers for Ø-perforated plates.

The hooks are supplied in chrome, in satin chrome, galvanized, painted, e.g. white goods hooks for decorative grids, hooks for grids etc.

Our range also includes product hooks for direct mounting on the wall

Product hooks in all lengths

You can choose between individual hooks in lengths from 2 to 30 cm. These hooks are intended for bags of small items, boxes with a handle or eye, packaging with Hang-tabs, in short anything that can hang and that does not weigh too much. On the T-hooks, you can put a price tag on the tip of the hook.

Extra strong suspensions

Of course, you can also get more robust product hooks. It can be the double hooks, i.e. with two rods instead of one, and by hanging the goods on such a goods hook with two rods, the goods will not swing into each other. Double hooks are also called Euro hooks.

Hooks for heavier items

If you want to hang clothes on hangers in places other than clothes racks - you might want to highlight today's offer or new series - you can choose between the other options for suspension, which are mounted on wall systems or shelves and clothes racks. Here we supply slanted and straight front hinges, i.e. strong metal rods with or without distance knobs or holes. Front hangers can easily carry hangers with large men's coats and women's furs.

Hooks for floor and wall systems

We supply product hooks, product spikes, slanted and straight front hangers and decorative rods for almost any type of interior design . And of course also for mounting directly on the wall.

For most wall systems, we supply deco rods in 5 or 12 mm thickness. You can hang hangers directly on such a decorative rod, but you can also get product hooks for mounting on them.

In short: Order your product hooks and front hangers for your wall system and your clothes racks here.