Tables & Gondolas

Store tables, gondolas, floor displays, pyramids and market carts for displaying goods

In these categories you will find some of the most basic store furniture, namely tables and gondolas for furnishing your store. Within tables, you can choose between rolling tables, i.e. tables with wheels, or fixed tables. As a store fixture, "gondola" means a free-standing display wall, usually with grooved panels on which you can hang and display your goods. But a gondola can also be made of glass, as you will see below. If you want your goods to do well on a market trolley out in the market square, order it from hos. Finally, you can order pyramids and floor displays to present your goods.

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Choose the best tables for your shop

The table is perhaps the most characteristic feature of a shop or business. Since the first market people came up with the idea of ​​displaying their goods on a plate on a few trestles, shopkeepers have depended on sales tables and presentation tables.

Since supplies everything in store fixtures, we can naturally also supply a lot of different types of sales tables, because the world has come a little further than two bucks and a plate. So the display table for displaying clothes and all other kinds of goods has developed into a number of exciting pieces of shop furniture.

With us you can choose between

  • fixed tables
  • tables on wheels
  • tables with or without wheels of your choice
  • market carts
  • gondolas
  • pyramids in wood or with glass shelves
  • floor displays

Display tables in several sizes

We supply display tables and sales tables from small trip-trap clogs -models above collapsible market tables for long, solid tables on good legs. Some models are from series of shop fittings that include tables, clothes racks and more. Other models are free to choose whether you want wheels underneath or not.

Rolling tables, tables with wheels, there are also several small and large models to choose from.

A special form of rolling table, the market cart, we can deliver in two beautiful models, one with both extra shelf and roof!

Gondolas that cannot sail

A relative of the sales table for the gondola. Here we are talking about free-standing shop furniture - with or without wheels - which is often covered with grooved panels. Gondolas with grooved panels are the case if the shop is already equipped with paneled walls! With a gondola you can present your goods where they look best or where there is the best space.

Among gondolas you can choose between models made entirely of wood or with glass shelves.

One type of gondola is the floor display, where the shelves can be distributed in more creative ways, which gives a nice and special product presentation.

Look around and buy the display tables, gondolas or floor displays that suit your store .

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