Teenage Mannequin Dolls. Here you will find your next teenage mannequin, either as a boy or a girl. We also have everything in other store fixtures, så Are you looking for a tow steamer, tow bar or a shop counter? we have a lot to choose from.

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The selection of teenage mannequins is not large, but the quality is good

Very few teenage mannequins are produced. The individual manufacturers focus on where the most mannequins can be sold and concentrate their production where there is the greatest sales, namely around women's mannequins and then men's mannequins. The teenage mannequins are way down the list, unfortunately. Therefore, the selection of teenage mannequins is not large.

3 series of teenage mannequins

However, we can offer you a total of 3 series, and we are continuously working to get more teenage models home.

The Day-Dream mannequin series also includes a pair of naturalistic teenage mannequins, teenage boy and teenage girl, of course with the option of different wigs, but make-up etc. cannot be changed immediately. It may be a made-to-order item, as we have a very small stock, so it may be sold out and thus a delivery time of up to 2 or 3 months in the worst case for these beautiful mannequins.

Day - The Dream dolls are aged 12-14 years, so they are very early in the teenage years

Like the Day-dream mannequins, the Life series is skin-coloured, on the other hand, they are delivered with molded hair or sculpted hair, which is also called the "hairstyle". A wig is therefore not included with this series of teenage mannequins. The Life series teenage mannequin is produced as being 16-18 years old, i.e. in the middle of the teenage years.

There may also be a delivery time on these mannequin dolls, as unfortunately we cannot keep all mannequin models in stock.


Stock item or order

Our high-gloss white teenage mannequin in boy and girl is on the other hand stock item, which we can deliver now or later if desired. These mannequins can be painted in all sorts of colors and glosses. It takes 3-5 days of curing, but so we can deliver in all logo colors if desired.

Laquered in matt white, they work perfectly as photo mannequins. In terms of age, the teenage girl is at the beginning of her teenage years, as the height with the head of the teenage girl is only 158 cm, while the teenage boy is 173 cm tall with the head, so he is somewhat older.