Plastic shopping basket

Plastic shopping baskets and basket lift

Plastic shopping baskets, goods baskets and trolleys with and without wheels - basket lift for shopping baskets

< p>Who doesn't know the classic grocery basket? On this page you can see both the traditional plastic baskets and newer large customer baskets on wheels - right up to a size that is also called trolleys. With such a plastic basket, the customer has no excuse not to fill it up with your goods. Order your grocery baskets below. You will also find our popular basket lift here. Curved lifts are becoming increasingly popular. They spare the customer's back and facilitate the expedition. The basket lift we use is the same one that is now also used in numerous COOP stores.

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Plastic shopping basket, shopping basket, goods basket, trolly or perhaps a pharmacist's basket?

Well, dear child has many names. This also applies to plastic shopping baskets. You know them from larger grocery stores and not least from the supermarket. Whatever you call them, it's a fact that plastic shopping baskets are here to stay. They are cheap to run, can hold a lot of goods in them, especially if you get the large models with wheels, and although the lifespan of a shopping basket may not be quite as long as that of a metal basket, they can last a very long time .

Shopping basket 22 litres, shopping basket 55 liters - 12, 28, 55, 70, 80 or something else?

With us you will find shopping baskets in any size. The classic basket of 22 litres? A slightly larger shopping basket of 28 litres? A nice little pharmacy shopping basket of 12 litres, an XL shopping basket of 80 liters - or a completely different volume? We have it all and of course there are several colors to choose from as well.

Shopping basket in black, red, green, blue or gray - we carry a wide colorful selection

Many of our shopping basket is available in several different colors. Of course, you can always get a classic red or black shopping basket on e.g. 24 liters with us. In addition, we carry a large selection of green and blue baskets. Please note that certain colors may be made-to-order items. Green shopping baskets and blue shopping baskets can, for example, may be made-to-order items, but we always write it on the page so you don't have any doubts.

Plastic shopping basket with wheels - classic shopping basket with wheels or exclusive trolley?

Of course you can get shopping carts with wheels from us. Our plastic shopping basket with wheels is available in many different versions. You can get what can be called ordinary customer baskets with wheels, but in addition we have e.g. also incredibly delicious specially designed trolleys.

Elegant plastic baskets and apothecary baskets

Plastic baskets don't always have to be big and bulky. For example, look at our pharmacist's basket, which you can buy in three different colours. They are both elegant and spacious, especially for small items such as sweets, jewellery, over-the-counter medicines and the like. If you choose the transparent model, you also have the advantage that you can see what is in the basket when the customer goes to checkout.

Shopping baskets in stacks

Seller For groceries, electronics or other smaller types of goods, you can never go wrong in town with a good stack of plastic baskets. They don't take up very much when stacked on top of each other, and if you have suitable docking stations for the basket stacks, you can easily move them around.

This applies to the 'ordinary' grocery baskets of 20 to 30 litres, but certainly also for the large shopping baskets with wheels, baskets of 30 liters or more.

Many different models

On this page you can see the many different types and sizes of plastic baskets, which we can deliver. Several of the models can (almost) be delivered in the colors that your business would prefer. If you are in doubt, give us a call on 70 236 136. You do the same if you want a good offer for a larger batch of shopping baskets, both with and without a printed business logo or slogan.

Save money

When you order shopping baskets, you can enjoy the fact that the price for shipping gets smaller and smaller the more baskets you order.

But even if you may have a smaller shop, your customers will always have the pleasure and benefit of being able to collect the goods in a good and solid 'grocer's basket'.