Steel shelving

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Large shelving for shop, warehouse, workshop and exhibition

Large shelving ✅✅✅. Here you will find our super nice and super strong chrome-plated large bookcases - the TUBO bookcases - in various fixed sizes. TUBO steel racks are the perfect rack for storage, but are very nice that you can easily create your shop interior or kitchen interior completely to your own liking with the TUBO steel shelving units. Here you will find a large selection of ready-packed steel racks in, among other things The TUBO series. You see the shelf in thousands of restaurant and canteen kitchens, in shops and parks; stores, here you can buy it in complete packages or in individual parts you decide. The shelves can be remodeled and added to endlessly

Large shelves

Here at ManneQ you will find one of Denmark's largest selection of large shelves and Workshop shelving at prices where everyone can join. We have shelves in many sizes, several models and designs and for many different needs. We have, among other things, powder-coated large shelves, or large shelves in chrome and corner shelves in chrome. See alsoå our build-it-yourself racks, which you can build with just the number of shelves you want.

For our large selection of Tubo size racks, storage racks, wire racks and workshop racks, you can also buy a lot of accessories such as wheels, if you want to be able to drive your steel bookcase around on the warehouse. We also have bookcase legs with silent shoes, narrow shelves, wine shelves and baskets for the large bookcase. And you can benefit from find plastic bottom plates, bookends, dividers, hangers, shelf hooks, front hangers and many other accessories for your steel bookcase. Gå on discovery in our selection here på page, and find the tubo steel shelves that best suit your design. Many of our customers currently choose a very popular black steel bookcase.

Steel bookcase for every need

Stålreol på ></figure><p>We have several tubular steel shelves in high quality that can be used for many different workshops and storage needs. You can choose workshop racks or storage racks in different heights and widths and with the number of shelves you need.. We also have; The corners have large shelves, which you can use, among other things, for storage in smaller rooms where the available space is taken up. If you need more storage, you can always contact us for a good offer. We can usually make a good solution if the need is a larger order. Read more about our steel shelving by clicking on the various tubular steel shelving here at page.</p><h2>Advantages of a steel rack for your warehouse or shop</h2><p>Our wide range of tubular steel racks ranges from the small and light rack to the smaller storage rack and completely for the large and very strong large bookcase. The large bookcase can be expanded in both height and width. You can alså with us få a very cheap storage rack, or a more expensive steel rack, but the price is not decisive for the quality. The difference is only the size and appearance of the shelf. All our racks for warehouses and stores are tested to withstand; a high load, and they all live up to a high standard. At ManneQ, we strive to deliver steel racks that can help to increase efficiency and minimize clutter from inventory, products and other products. the racks.</p><h2>Which storage rack should I choose?</h2><p>Large racks for the store or warehouse are available in many different sizes and many variations. And there can be many considerations to make before a purchase. It is very important to know how much space you need and how big your warehouse or premises are. Thereby, you can better find out whether you need high shelves or several wide steel shelves for e.g. a long way.</p><h3>Important things to consider when you need tubular steel shelving:</h3><ul><li>What do you need to store?</li><li>Is it in boxes or loose products?</li><li>What does your goods/products weigh?</li><li>What is the maximum load per shelf?</li><li>What is the turnover rate at ; the products?</li><li>Should the shelves be adjustable?</li><li>Do you need plastic underlays for the shelves?</li><li>Do you need cutting; shelves?</li><li>Do you need room dividers?</li><li>How much space do you want to use?</li><li>How high is the ceiling?</li>< li>How big is your room?</li><li>How wide do you need shelving?</li><li>What d is your budget?</li></ul><h2>Få make the most of your premises</h2><p>For many shops or warehouses, it is necessary to build upwards and so is it a good ideaé to choose steel racks where this is possible. It may be that the need is not there at the moment. But could resurrection; later, and therefore a steel shelf with the possibility of this is a really good idea. In addition to the consideration of being able to build the steel racks oopad, it is a good idea to to have all relevant goals on; the warehouse/room where the shelves are to be located. På in this way, you can estimate how many storage racks or steel racks can fit; next to each other. It's all about space optimization when we talk about storage, it's hardly a problem; important in a clothing store, where it is more about being functional and looking good.</p><p>If your goods barely take up much space; a lot, but if you have many different ones, it's a really good ideaé with a steel bookcase with several shelves, so the products/goods do not lie on top of each other, it is both impractical and does not look good to any customers in the store.</p><h2><strong>Spare parts for large shelves</strong></h2><p >In our large selection of metal shelving / steel shelving you will also find; a long range of spare parts for your steel shelving unit. We have, among other things, shelves in many different sizes and materials, which can be mounted on; the shelves. På that way you can assemble your steel rack yourself, so it suits your needs exactly. See the selection here at page and find all the different parts you need to get set up a practical solution in your business or warehouse.</p><h2><strong>Storage of valuable products</strong></h2><p>With our experience, we know that it is not order and system that prevails in shops is always på warehouses, in garden sheds and tool rooms. Is it alsoå something you can nod in recognition of? Even if storage and tool rooms are primarily to be used for storing goods, tools or garden machinery, it is still always recommended to keep order, especially; you don't have to spend a long time on to look for what you need and need every time you need something; the warehouse or in the tool room.</p><p>Få control messy på stored with a strong, solid and practical large rack or workshop rack. A steel rack is ideal for storing goods, tools and garden tools and can withstand standing; in non-heated rooms such as warehouse, workshop, garden shed or garage.</p><p>At ManneQ we always have a large selection of quality tubo-sized shelving in many different versions and with different load capacities. If you only need to store smaller items, products, the carrying capacity may not mean much; a lot, but if you have to store heavy objects, it is important that the steel shelf does not topple over or give in under the weight. Therefore, you can advantageously choose a steel rack with a higher load-bearing capacity. e.g. 100 or 200 kg. As a starting point, all our TUBO size racks can support up to 150 kg per shelf, depending on the shelf arrangement.</p><h2><strong>ManneQ size racks last a long time and are very durable; rk</strong></h2><p>With our many years in the industry, we have sold thousands of large shelves to shops, warehouses and private individuals. We therefore also know what our customers demand in terms of quality, durability, price and design. With this in mind, we have taken in the steel racks from the factories that guarantee exactly those criteria. Our customers, both private individuals and companies, are extremely satisfied with both quality, durability and price, which we see as a sign of that we are doing the right thing.</p><figure class=Stålreol til wine

Black stå Shelf

Many of our customers buy the beautiful black steel shelves, which can be used for a multitude of functions, just like our regular steel shelves. However, the black steel shelves are gaining ground in shops, where they are often placed at the front where they are visible to customers. The trend of the times is black in many places, just as you e.g. have seen it with our black clothes racks in water. Likeå the fashion has now come to the black steel shelves, which also used to have goods for display on, as well as to use decoratively in shops. Are you interested in one of our cheap black steel shelves, so do you find them here at since.

The flexible solution: Standing rack on wheel

If you need it to be easy to move around onå your steel rack, so can you buy a large shelf for wheel. At ManneQ you will find a large selection of stålrehelves onå wheel. These are obvious if you often want to repaå the layout of the room in which you will use the steel rack, for example your shop. 

Tips for steel rack fitting

A good steel rack fitting depends on , what you will use the steel rack for. If your steel rack is to be in your warehouse, så you just have to choose a system that makes it easy for you to find your products. If, on the other hand, it is to standå in your shop or in your house, så you should think a little more about the arrangement of the bookcase. A steel bookcase can often produce messy if you don't arrange it properly. Think about leaving air around some of the products. This is alsoå a good opportunity to highlight some products. In addition, it is a good idé to place large items at the bottom. 

If you receive new products every season, you can fill a large shelf with the season's new products. These will often be in uniform color tones, which is calm to look at. 

Therefore, a large bookcase is perfect as a store bookcase

A large bookcase is perfect as shop shelf because it is versatile. You can both use it in your warehouse or in the shop. In addition, there is plenty of space, så you can have many products onå the shelf without you having to fill it up completely. 

Are you onå Looking for a narrow-sized bookcase or a large-sized bookcase?

At ManneQ, we sell bookcases in several different sizes. Are you on looking for a large bookcase for a small room, so you can find inspiration in our selection of narrow size shelves. In addition, we also have many large shelves, where there is room for many products.