Here you will find various mannequin loose parts that can be used to display special items. Mannequin stockings for the long stockings, garters etc. Bottoms for lingerie, underwear, jeans, slacks. Heads for hats, wigs, headphones etc. We have all kinds of mannequin spare parts. Here you will find a wide range of different items within mannequin accessories. Get offers for larger quantities. All mannequin spare parts are usually in stock, ready for delivery.

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Here you can read more about mannequin legs, stocking legs, women's legs, flamingo heads, glass heads for headphones, wig heads, hat heads, lower bodies with and without legs. strives to carry such a large range that you can find everything about mannequin parts for your store with us.

We have mannequin mannequin legs, stocking legs in skin color and transparent, stand-alone and stocking legs on feet for the presentation of socks, stockings, stockings.

We have women's mannequin lower bodies and men's mannequin doll lower bodies in flamingo, fabric and plastic.

We have women's lower bodies for the presentation of panties, fitness shorts, running shorts.

We have men's underbodies for the presentation of underpants, shorts, boxer shorts.

We have women's mannequin doll upperbodies for lingerie and bras in plastic, brown chrome and skin color. We also have mannequin doll "shells" without a back with hanger hook for T-shirts.

If you didn't find what you were looking for within mannequin parts, send us an email or call 70 236 136 and we will find it we have it (almost) guaranteed, or we can get it, whether it's stocking feet, mannequin heads, flamingo faces, men's bottoms, women's bottoms, wig heads, glass heads, hat heads or other store fixtures in this category.