Large selection of wooden hoops, plastic hoops and metal hoops.

Discover an impressive selection of wooden hoops, plastic hoops and metal hoops with us. Our range includes different varieties of braces, including wooden braces, plastic braces and metal braces with or without bar and clamps. Explore our collection of specialty bras, including baby bras, toddler bras and a variety of compression bras as well as baby bras. We also offer a wide selection of accessories for bikes, including bike racks, bike racks, slip-nots and bike catches. Quality and diversity characterize our selection, så you can find the perfect hangers and accessories for your needs. Gå don't miss our extensive range – explore the world of hoops with us! ✅✅✅

Wooden bøjler - Plastic bøjler - Metal bøjler< strong> - Børnebøjler - Renseribøjler - Buksebøjler - Clamp-boejler

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Bøjler for tøj

Large selection of cheap tøjler for tøj ✅ and clamps and other suspension for shops and businesses etc. Here in our webshop you will find all kinds of hangers, from the very cheap ones in plastic and metal to the luxurious jacket hangers or suit hangers with wide arms in a bold and strong durable quality. It is important to make sure that the clothes in your business are displayed on the right way to maximize your sales. It takes a lot of variety to choose from, and we have that!

Our wide selection of cheap hangers / hangers for clothes, includes hangers in wood ; in many different qualities, colors and sizes. We have pretty much all the regular hangers for clothes in wood, but also a few series at the very exclusive end without costing 'a farmård'.

Quality tøjbøjler

E.g. about the Black Velvet series, which is a series of very exclusive wooden shoes that are coated with an incredibly beautiful matte black rubber surface. Add to that that the bar hook is made of a very strong satin-chrome quality, so you have a really quality brace.

Black Velvet braces for women are powerful, strong braces in wooden; coated with a black  sanded super sleek blue rubber coating and with a large, strong bar hook in satin chrome. The rubber coating makes the Black Velvet hoops unusually comfortable to hold in the hand, luxury hoops that cannot be recommended enough. A bra that you can safely let your customer touch.

Black Velvet bras in stock

  • in baby size
  • in junior size
  • as a 24 cm long compression sleeve or trouser sleeve
  • as a regular jacket or shirt sleeve
  • as an adult sleeve ;jle with movable clamps
  • as an exclusive jacket-coat hanger with 5 cm wide arms

så the entire range is available in a matt black finish on the hanger itself and with a strong satin chrome hanger hook. We recommend these super soft shoes for the more exclusive store and for areas where exclusivity and quality must be signalled.

Sizes for hangers

In addition to hangers for ropes and clamps, we carry a long range of sizes; suitable for bras in different colors and with different pre-printed sizes for both men, women and children. We are notorious for delivering quickly, soå whether you need one or 10 or 20 boxes of tøjøjler, we will do everything to deliver to you no later than the day after your order

Bøjler with clamps

Here in the webshop you will also find a nice selection of hangers for trousers or hangers for skirts, altå wooden, metal or plastic hangers where you can hang a pair of trousers, a skirt etc.

Several of these hangers in this category are flat or straight, which means that if you put a hoop down on it; the table and it cannot tilt from side to side, yes så is the bar flat as opposed to the angled one, which will be able to tilt from side to side. We also sell many angled tow bars in wood, also with movable clamps, you can of course find them here at the sides, just as we sell many flat hoops. As a customer with us, you have free choice, but be aware of to choose the same type, selling; they fit together

Here you will also findå several different types of hoops with clamps, as well as some with wide arms and a single or two types in specially shaped glued wood.

Plastic hoops with and without pole

You also finds many types of cheap plastic hangers, with and without bar, with and without notch, such as blouse hangers, shirt hangers, lingerie hangers or regular jacket hangers. Plastic hoops are delivered in either white, black or as frosted and as the raisin in the package. clear, transparent

We have the mega-cheap plastic hoops for around one kroner each (ex VAT) to the strong molded plastic hoops with space for a logo. Our plastic hangers are delivered in boxes from 25 pieces to 400 pieces depending on price and quality.

We sell and deliver primarily to shops and businesses, but privatelye are very welcome as customers with us and we have delivered many cases of bras to private individuals, it is nice to have a wardrobe with your bras in the same colour, it makes you happy every morning.< /p>

Now the boxes of hangers are filled up with often 50 pieces or many more and for many private individuals it is a bit too large a portion for the private, soå what do you do, since you share with your neighbor or older children or simply tick off a different Christmas present or birthday present. Also our plastic hoops are usually on; stock and can be delivered immediately, from day to day.

Cleaning bars - Cheap metal bars

The cleaning bars are our cheapest bars and we sell them only in boxes, are always in stock. As our customer, you can choose between four types of cleaning grates, galvanized cleaning grates, black cleaning grates or white cleaning grates. The fourth and last is a children's or children's cleaning product. 34 cm, however, it is only supplied in galvanized wire.

When you say cleaning ribs, you automatically come to think of dry cleaning bags and the joy of picking up your freshly cleaned clothes at the dry cleaner well protected by a transparent dry cleaner bag and hang it on; space in the home well protected. Here at ManneQ.com, we can offer you a free choice between four types of cleaning bags, between 4 sizes, the width is the same, namely 58 cm per all the bags.

The dry cleaning bags are 91 cm, 120 cm, 137 cm long and the longest are 167 cm long. There are 260 bags of the shortest model and smaller; 100 of the longest model in each roll.  Look through more in our range to find the øwanted cleaning rags and mashing cleaning rag bags  for your shop and or for your design.

Knitting hoops - Knitting hoops for knitting

Do you sell knitwear or items that are very smooth and don't you mind picking up your knitwear from the floor all the time, så should you choose one of our characteristic rubber-coated round-shouldered knitting hoops, we have them on; stock in two color variants, namely as black knitted jumpers and as white knitted jumpers.

The knitted jumpers are in three sizes, namely as junior knitted jumpers, women's knitted jumpers and finally as men's knitted jumpers. , which is for a long time; all 46 cm. The three types are also delivered; if desired, with removable metal clamps with plastic grips, which hold the fabric firmly without making marks in the fabric.

The hook is fixed on the all the cleaning ribs, soå the knitting needles are also sold; often of discotheques, concert venues, places with a wardrobe, where you need the clothes not to fall off, the hanger takes up minimal space, can handle even wet heavy winter coats and that the empty hangers do not hang around there på the clothes racks, on the hooks.


Dear child many names, so clip braces are synonymous with trouser braces, are all a hanger for trousers, shorts, jeans, skirts and the like. We have them in stock; as natural wood, white or black, you can also getting those in plastic and when we are now in the plastic hoops, so you also find lingerie racks, which both hold a panty and a bra. In chrome, we are capable of supplying clamps from one clamp to two clamps with 10 cm, 20, 30 cm and finally 40 centimeters in length

Special clamps

Our selection in hangers also include what we call special bars, altså hangers with a very special purpose, it could e.g. be a bra for a bikini, a nice women's underwear, altå a bathing suit bra or a bikini bra or lingerie bra bra.

We also have hotel rooms, altoså a bar that cannot be removed from the bar is also called safety hoops. We have them in heavy chrome in 43 cm long, so it can goå for both ladies and gentlemen. In the special department you will also find; satin jumpers, a wooden jumper lined and wrapped with white satin.

In our department with Vintage decor, there are three shirt-jacket vintage jumpers in dark wooden. with remarkable black metal hook and finally a trouser belt on 35 centimeters long

Last but not least, we have come up with an environmentally friendly alternative, namely our partially organic hangers, which are made from recycled plastic and are, yes, you can. be right