Female mannequins

Stylish female mannequins in every style and for every budget

Women's Mannequin Dolls ✅. We have a large selection of female mannequins in all price ranges and qualities. We deliver from day to day, so order your new mannequin today. If you need more, send us an email or call 70 236 136 and get a good offer. We also have many other items within shop fittings such as clothes hangers, manila tags and special offer signs.

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Beautiful mannequins

One of our specialties is female mannequins for women's clothing. We have a very wide selection in different series of the individual mannequin and are absolutely sure that your future mannequin can be found among our factory new and cheap models.

We supply female mannequins to the clothing store, to the clothing chains, to car dealers, to museums, to private individuals, to galleries, in short to everyone who needs a mannequin at a good price and in good quality, and appreciates fast and cheap / maybe free delivery.

There are many different types of female mannequins. It can be a headless mannequin, it can be with a head but without facial features, it can be with a removable head, they can be completely natural with make-up and a wig, and the body skin-colored or mulatto brown, it can be a mannequin with sculpted hair, they can be painted in a high gloss in all sorts of colours. We have a very large selection of female mannequins, so go hunting in our webshop and find your next female mannequin with us.

Remember that your female mannequins in the shop window and in the shop with you are your most important sellers.

Women's mannequins in different colors

Delivery of lacquered mannequins in all imaginable shapes and colors, including high gloss, is also possible at ManneQ.com.

When a mannequin is to be painted or have other varnishing, it is important that it has time to harden through, so that the varnish or surface becomes as strong as possible.

If you order a mannequin in a non-standard color so that it needs repainting, it can typically take 3-5 days before we can deliver, as we generally do not paint the mannequin just once, but 2 times to make sure the best quality.

The color options could be any of the following:

White (Ivory)
White Gloss
Black Matt
Cafe Latte
Cafe Latte Gloss
Orange Gloss
Lavender Gloss

Whether you order an expensive or a cheap mannequin from us, the listed price for your new mannequin includes a glass or metal foot plate, including foot spikes and stirrups, including make-up and including a wig if you choose a naturalistic mannequin. With us, all our prices are all-inclusive, i.e. apart from VAT and perhaps delivery.

Mannequins for every budget

You will also find the very cheap female mannequin doll here. We are pleased to be able to present and stock some of the most exciting mannequins at great prices.

We are proud to be able to offer you super beautiful natural mannequins at the cheap price and at the exclusive end of the price scale, so whatever you choose, we have the selection - a lot of beautiful and quality cheap mannequins, which we are very much looking forward to had to offer you and advise you about.

Our 2-year guarantee also applies to your mannequin - including all the women's models you find in the webshop here.