Tøjsteamers / Tøjsteamers ✅✅✅ - Do you want to give your wardrobe a little zest, soå tøjet again, you must use a tøjsteamer. When you have first tried such a steamer on; tøjet, you'll wonder why you haven't done it before. Order one of the fixed hand steamers or - for professional use in the clothes or thrift store - one of the large clothes steamers. Buy a steamer for your clothes - the clothes deserve it.

How does a steamer for clothes work?

All clothes consist of fibers of different origin and quality. Some fibers or some fabric are said to be iron-free, wrinkle-free, while e.g. ordinary cotton cannot usually be described as wrinkle-free. When using a steamer for clothes, so steam, water vapor that is more than 100 degrees hot, is blown into the fabric.

Now you don't have to be nervous about steaming clothes in general, and certainly not with a professional. jsteamer intended for shops. Virtually all clothing tolerates the hot steam from these steamers.

When the hot steam hits the individual fibers that may be curled together in or around a fold, ; the heat and humidity causes the fibers to straighten out, popularly speaking, to stretch, and the folds disappear all of a sudden. The fabric, which was flat and lifeless before, becomes light, beautiful and airy again. This is why virtually all clothing stores frequently steam their clothing, so it can present itself in the best possible way, because it sells.

A steamer for clothes is a must in any clothes shop or second-hand shop. At the professional photographers på the agencies and på various fashion magazines, you also know that it is the best way in which you can present the fabric in the most inviting and beautiful way.

Not for silk fabric

It is not recommended to steam pure silk with hot steam, as the natural oils in the silk can evaporate, which does not benefit the silk. Many of us have probably tried ironing silk at too high a temperature. What happens? The fabric slips and you suddenly have a larger or smaller hole in the fabric.

Choose your clothes steamer with us

Here you can acquire the very cheap hand steamers and choose between very professional steamers for clothes, where there are several that can basically manage to run non-stop 24 hours for several days leading up to fairs and other things.

Good advice on operating and descaling your clothes steamer

Your professional steamer, bought from us, will last for many, many years if you just follow this simple advice .

Descale it regularly with a professional descaling agent, perhaps one that is maximally environmentally friendly, such as; environmentally friendly, one that can be flushed down the drain without any problems. If it soå above the cost is extremely heavy, whereby you use very little each time, and the price is therefore very low, so it can hardly be done better. We recommend white vinegar as a steamer descaler, half water half vinegar

Unfortunately, many choose to descale or descale too rarely or descale their steamer with products that are produced for completely different machines.< /p>

Do you want to be sure that your water vaporizer does not break down or break, it must be descaled more often than you think, there is really a lot of lime/iron in our water from the faucet, unfortunately!

If your clothes steamer does not steam, first check if there is a leak. If there is current in the contact, the lamp lights up. the steamer, there is water, but it does not steam, soå is it either completely calcified or the heater is burnt out or on; way to be. Switch off the power immediately and - importantly - remove the cord from the socket, as you know with 100% certainty that there is no longer power on the your clothes steamer, så

Now unscrew the hose with the steamer head and go out of preferably the bathroom or utility room, a place where it can withstand a little water splash. Remove the water container, turn the bottom upside down and unscrew the bottom plug. If there is dirt or limescale in the pipe, especially; remove it. Pinch it loosely with a wooden stick, e.g. a chopstick or other long and thin piece of wood. You må do not use metal needles for this - scissors, knives and metal knitting needles are absolutely prohibited.

Put the plug back in, water came on the can, shake the steamer a bit, unscrew the cap and let all the water drain.

Now l it is descaled, soå the water container is emptied. Descaling agent, e.g. white vinegar is mixed with a little water, the bottom plug is screwed in and water mixed with white vinegar is added. Possibly. add the water, then the vinegar, about half of each

Shake the steamer a few times, wait an hour, shake again, wait an hour, shake a few times; new, empty and start over, let the steamer stand overnight with the descaling mixture.

And remember: you må never descale the clothes steamer while it is hot, or defrost it to try to descale faster if you use Rydlime descaler. The cheap descaling agent is white or clear vinegar, half white vinegar and half water.


Do you use white vinegar or other descaling products må they like to be heated.


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