Shop counters

Shop counters for shops for every budget in flexible module solutions

Here you will find probably the most important piece of shop equipment: Your shop counter. No shop without a shop counter. Whether you call them shop counters, kiosk counters, clinic counters, counters or simply "counters", on these pages you can find the shop counter you can use to furnish your shop, your shop, your kiosk or your clinic. You will also find unrollers, bag holders and other accessories for your shop counter.

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Shop counter and counter for your shop

We have a large selection of shop counters, indeed several different series of counters for any type of shop, business, shop, kiosk or stock sale.

BAQ Shop Counter

We have e.g. The BAQ shop counter, where the counter itself or the counter module is covered with attractive metal plates in all kinds of colours, even with a company logo. A counter that can be changed 100% in appearance for little money.

Slimline shop counter

The Slimline counter is a completely different shop counter. It is available in either white, matt black or maple wood colour. The Slimline counter is space-saving and good for smaller shops, as the counter modules are only 45 cm deep, unlike other counter modules, which are usually 60 cm deep. The Slimline shop counters are made of 18 mm laminated chipboard with a plastic edge and are delivered unassembled but are easy to assemble.

If you are in need of a specific shop counter or a shop counter with specific measurements for furnishing the shop, contact us.

Heritage shop counter - the rural look

The Heritage shop counter is something completely different, you feel like you are in France, Provence or northern Italy, rustic, almost antique look. We have it in two variants, one with three shelves and one drawer and a counter with 5 drawers. The heritage counter is perfect for a flower shop and shops that like the cozy country style.

A zinc tabletop can be purchased as an add-on, so you can work with plants, paint, yes pretty much everything on the counter without it takes damage. The Heritage counters are supplied together in antique-treated recycled wood.

Newline - classy shop counter in white

Finally, for many years we have sold the ultimate clinic counter, the Newline counter, the counter in pure white to everyone types of clinics that want a counter in a pure white design.

The Newline counter modules are delivered together, in contrast to e.g. the Slimline counter. The Newline disc consists of several modules. Among these, we can supply a counter with a glass top and pull-out tray. The modules with glass top and pull-out trays are the most sold, as the customer's eyes may be caught by an accessory in the tray while he/she is preparing to pay or waiting for packaging.

We like to present our four models in glass trays, where we would particularly highlight the Toscana counter, which can be ordered with a base in three colours, black, white and grey.

Do you want, for example a black shop counter, there are several different models in the same series within display cabinets or glass cabinets, glass display cases, which have the same black bottom and top, see them under the menu item Display cabinet.

Accessories for your shop counter

You will also find a very large range of accessories under accessories, these are cheap paper unwinders, nice gift ribbon holders for gift ribbon rolls, one for one roll of gift ribbon and one for as many as six gift ribbon rolls.

If you sometimes wrap in clear cellophane you have we a cellophane cutter. In the range of accessories for shop counters, you will also find a bag holder and a relief mat, which you can place behind the counter and be gentle on your body during the many, many hours that you and your employees spend standing in the shop.

Back to the possibility of combining one or more display cabinets with the glass counter, so if you choose the gray base in the Toscana counter, you can choose between two different sizes of display cabinets, glass cabinets with the same color bottom and top.

How about a smart trade fair counter?

Is your need a trade fair counter or a market counter or a light portable counter or a collapsible trade fair counter, then you can choose from half a dozen different ones. Trade fair counters can be used excellently in shops, e.g. for the demonstration of special goods, or to create a special arrangement around special offers or products.

Delivery of shop counters

We try very hard to have all models in stock, we are talking about over 100 different types of cheap shop counters, so you have something to choose from. Find the counter that best suits your wishes and needs, and we will deliver it 1-2 days later.

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