Sale signs & Sign paper

Here you will find all kinds of sale signs and offer signs. Among other things, you can order sign paper in several sizes as well as plastic pockets and plastic covers, so that the signs can be left outside in all kinds of weather. We naturally supply the classic yellow/black offer and sale signs and offer tags in many sizes. For the modern, we offer sale signs in English, with the word SALE, in various pang colors. You will find streamers, brands and even shopping bags with the word SALE.

Sale signs for seasons and events

Give your business a refreshing makeover, give it a whole new look inside and out with these brightly colored and eye-catching sale signs and window streamers. Sales materials that can capture and inspire customers to come into the store and buy.

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Classic, modern and future sale signs

At you will find everything you need to mark a sale or an offer campaign.

Write your own posters

You can order glossy sales posters in several larger sizes, both in white and yellow. You can also order the corresponding sizes in plastic covers and covers, so that your sales posters can also withstand being displayed outdoors.

The classic sales posters

Who doesn't know sale and offer signs in yellow and black colors? Black text on a yellow background, and vice versa, has an unmistakable attention-grabbing effect. Also, even though we have seen it numerous times before, everyone knows that here is SALE

We naturally supply sale signs and offer signs in these traditional colors. Both as small and large signs and as streamers.

For now it is modern!

It is now seen in more and more places that the English influence has also affected sales in Denmark. Lots of places choose to draw attention to sales with the English word SALE. In addition, we can also deliver a large amount of different sales materials where this word appears, highlighted with various 'bang colours' - and here we are no longer talking about yellow and black. It must be neon green and pink!

You can also order your sales materials from us when you want to entice your customers to ... SALE!

But then we come to the future offer and sale signs:

Create additional sales with unique streamers and posters

Do your customers pass by your business too often? Are there too few new customers?
In short, do you miss additional sales?

Well, then you have to do something to be discovered, to make your business interesting, exciting, inviting, cosy. Make your business visibly more attractive, so that new customers find you and all customers return again and again.

The cheapest method for this is for your shop or business to appear different, exciting and inviting, that it has something current and relevant to offer. Tell in a creative way about your good prices, boost your sales and special offers. Show that you have your finger on the pulse with market days, evening sales, winter sales, summer sales, spring sales, Christmas sales, Mardi Gras sales, etc., etc. The possibilities are many, and on these pages you will certainly find sales materials with themes that suit your next campaign.< /p>

With this impressive selection of sales materials in new and exciting motifs and designs, your business will stand out from the crowd in the very best way. Look through the whole page, see all the different products and let yourself be inspired, maybe you will find just the right one, well you will!

Choose your themes

You can choose between motifs for all seasons and events. All materials are of exquisite and durable quality, and yes, they can be recycled. It's shop decor in a class of its own, and at the same time it's very cheap.

You can change your business from the street 100% and you can continue the theme and decoration inside the shop. With these materials, your business gets a unified and coherent, completely new, fresh and up-to-date look, by marking seasons, seasons, events, various sales, various offers etc. in this way.


How to renew your shop in a practical way

It takes 5-10 minutes to set up the window streamers on the inside of the windows and ... voila, you have a new front facing the street. Half an hour more to place sales signs and round decorative signs and your store is completely changed inside and out.

Did we mention that you can of course reuse the sales materials, so you can repeat the Christmas campaign next year and the year after.< /p>

These many campaigns are store design, effective store design that grabs customers off the street and ensures you additional sales, ensures you monthly renewal and inspiration to optimize your earnings and business.

Only with us< /h3>

These posters, vinyl streamers, price signs, sales posters, window streamers, paper labels and sales signs are sold only at

Delivery time is 1-3 days.

If you want to buy a series of campaigns, contact us on phone 70 236 136 and we will make a subscription agreement.

We look forward to receiving your order!