Italian busts

Italian busts to show off the clothes in the shop in an old-fashioned way

We always have the right busts for sale in our shop. On this page you will find quality Italian busts to show off the clothes. Choose between the nice and robust models in women's jeans, men's jeans and children's jeans, our very cheap jeans. If you need a lot of money, we will gladly make an offer for you, this also applies if you want to have other store fixtures included, such as shelves, price tags or the like.

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Measures of our Italian busts bodies

All our Italian bustss are available as women's busts, men's busts or children's busts in different sizes. Our Italian busts are also available with a long or short body and are sold with a wooden base and matching top.

Should I choose a long or short gin body?

If you are going to choose a short or long gynecrop depends on the type of clothing you are going to present. For skirts, we recommend a long gyno body, as this gives a nice presentation of skirts. For trousers, a short gin body is the best choice, as a gin with a short body is easier to work with. The advantage of a long waist for a man is that you get a little more butt to fill out the trousers.