Gift wrapping

For the perfect gift wrapping, both the one you give your customers' goods and the one customers give their gifts to others, you can order all the fine products you find in these categories. Choose gift boxes, gift paper, gift ribbons and decorative stars for the exclusive wrapping of gifts, order cellophane and cellophane bags for quick gift wrapping. If it goes just right, you can order tissue paper, baskets and basket filling in several colours. In short, here is everything you and your customers need to make the most beautiful gift wrapping

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Make the finest gift wrapping

In these categories you can order all materials to make the finest forms of gift wrapping. This applies both to the way you wrap the goods for the customer and to materials that customers can use to wrap gifts themselves.

Choose between strong gift paper, also in models with matching gift bags.

Wrap the gifts

To rewrap gifts and goods, you can choose between wide and narrow plastic gift bands and, for the more environmentally conscious, bast. Gift bands, regardless of the material, are available in many different colours, so there are also colors that match the style of your store.

For the more festive wrapping, not least up to Christmas, you can order decorative stars, but you can also choose between different types of gift tags that are easily attached to the gift.

One of the scams of wrapping goods as a gift is that you initially hide from the recipient what kind of gift it is . This is done, for example, with a gift box. You can also choose that if the goods are soft or delicate - put them in a box and wrap it as a gift. Gift boxes, which your customers can use to hand over special gifts to their specially chosen ones, can also be ordered from Look no further for jewelry boxes for rings, watches, 2 bracelets and necklaces with us.

Gift baskets for corporate gifts

Many people like to give gift baskets, especially companies are happy to give their employees or customers gift baskets with a mixed content that often reflects the company. With us, you can order small and medium-sized gift baskets, both square and round. Together with some basket filling, the so-called Fizzle Pack, you can create a super nice gift in no time, not least if you finish by wrapping the basket and contents in cellophane, which you can of course also order from us.

When we talking festive wrapping, of course we can't avoid cell fan, which is usually colourless. We supply cellophane in rolls with long strips of cellophane, as well as a suitable cutter! - and you can also order cellophane bags in different sizes, with or without a fixed bottom. The possibilities are numerous.

If gift wrapping is to be extra elegant, there is no way around tissue paper. Although tissue paper in this context may seem to be only for decoration, it also has a protective effect on what is being wrapped.

In short, you will find everything for the perfect gift wrapping with us.