Children's mannequins

Mannequin, children's dolls. Here you will find all kinds of mannequins in children's sizes from babies to junior couples; the 10-12 year old.

We have cheap children's dolls in matt varnishing and in high-gloss varnishing and of course, the natural ones with make-up and a wig. Whether you say boy mannequin or child mannequin, så you will find them here.

We have a large selection of shop fittings here at on the site you will find, among other things, a large selection in price tags, in shopping baskets and in tøjøs with everything in size marks as well; in best practices. If you are looking for other shop furniture, you will find a huge selection of mirrors, clothes racks, price tags and a lot of other things for our cheap child mannequins

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Children's mannequins

Our large selection of cheap children's mannequins or cheap children's mannequins starts right from newborn or baby, where we can offer you the choice between a baby mannequin in skin color or a tanned baby mannequin or children's dolls in high-gloss varnish

At the age of 6 months to 1 year, we have a single child mannequin in white with a face and sculpted hair or molded hair.

The selection is large

After this, the children's mannequins emerge in all ages and poses. We are proud to be able to present a great many cheap children's mannequins and a great many different expressions and looks. You can find virtually all variants here, so you have something to choose from.

Photography of children's mannequins

If you photograph children's clothing for your webshop, or are you a professional photographer, we stock them baby photo mannequins, which the photo studios, fashion magazines and professional photographers use to take pictures of baby and children's clothes.

When you sit and look in a children's clothing specials magazine where you can't see a mannequin inside, well then in nine out of ten cases it is one of our children's mannequins, the photos are taken.

Look for the text "photo suitable" on the individual children's dolls, then you have found the ones suitable for photographing your children's clothes on.

You can read a lot more about photographing clothes on mannequins under the main menu item Photo mannequins. On our site you can find tips and tricks for taking great photos of your clothes on our photo-friendly children's mannequins.

Boy, girl or both?

Within the world of mannequins, manufacturers of mannequin dolls generally distinguish not between boy and girl, so all children's dolls are UNI-SEX until the age of 12-14. If you need to make the UNI-Sex doll in that age group more feminine, a small soft bra helps many times.

Play-ground children's mannequins

We offer our Play-ground children's mannequins in the standard color white, but can deliver them in all sorts of other colors at an additional cost. If you need a pair of purple playful children or a pair of logo-coloured children's mannequins, we can deliver them to you if you give us a few days to have them painted.

Among the naturalistic children's mannequins we are proud to be able to present a very wide range of beautiful dolls from the age of 10-12 all the way down to the age of 2-3. Unfortunately, we cannot have all models in stock, so even though our motto is fast delivery, we cannot always promise that about the naturalistic child mannequins and our many natural junior mannequins. If we have to get them home from abroad, it can take up to 2-3 weeks before they arrive in our warehouse.

Cheap high gloss children's dolls

Here you can find a cheap, robust and hard-wearing white children's doll with a moon face in high-gloss lacquer, free choice in all age groups and they are delivered complete

with either foot spear or podium

Do you need help?

We will always be able to inform you about the delivery time, usually it is from day to day, but are you in doubt, just pick up the phone and contact us on 70 236 136, and we will readily answer all questions about children's mannequins and junior mannequins. We are at the office in Østerbro every weekday between 10.00 and 15.00.