Wire basket

Do you need a metal shopping cart or maybe 30? Then you should look at this category. Here you can order metal baskets in several sizes. From the small 'nuser' basket, which is suitable for take-your-own sweets, to the larger, solid metal shopping baskets. Note that shipping will be cheaper per basket, the more shopping baskets you order.

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Mega-durable metal shopping baskets

Unlike plastic shopping baskets, you can hardly tell from a metal basket that it has been used. Metal baskets, which are made with a chrome surface, are incredibly durable and solid, despite the slightly flimsy appearance.

Metal baskets are especially suitable for all places where dry goods are primarily sold. It can be jewellery, hygiene products, electronics and much more.

When customers put goods in the shopping basket, there is also the advantage that you can easily see what and how much is in it! Then it will be more difficult to smuggle something past the checkout.

If you use many customer baskets of 19 liters or larger, we can only recommend that you also acquire a docking station per 15 curves. Then you can more easily move the baskets from the checkout to the entrance when there is a suitable stack.

It can be a good gimmick, suitable for the other style of the business or shop, that the customers collect the goods in these net baskets. There is a slightly greater degree of elegance about the shiny metal baskets than the equally popular plastic grocery baskets.

Remember that the more metal shopping baskets you order, the cheaper the shipping per item. basket. So it is best to buy 10, 20, 30 pieces at a time.