Super rail wall rails with 2 rows of holes - if it has to be cheap and functional

Here you can order the parts for an amazingly good deal on an incredibly cheap store interior with wall rails - The Super rail system, which is an easy and practical way of hanging with wall rails in either chrome or lacquer. With these wall rails you get lots of options and sales walls for almost no money.

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Supershine wall rails - cheap square wall rails with 2 rows of holes

If you want an inexpensive functional wall system with lots of options, choose our Supershine wall system. With these wall rails you get a good robust system for very little money. If you are into a really nice finish and don't mind paying a little more, we recommend you look at some of our other systems, where extra finishes and elegance have been made. You will find an overview of all our wall systems here >

Super rails - 1 length of 210 cm and you cut yourself the wall rails for

To create a fantastic cheap wall system solution, these rails are only 210 cm long. You therefore save money by choosing a solution where you do some of the work yourself.

Choose between wall rails in chrome or wall rails in lacquer

With the Superskinne wall system you can choose between wall rails in lacquer or chrome. If you want square wall rails in black or titanium colored, take a look at our beautiful framework wall system, you will find it here >

Wall rails -  5 mm decorative rod & accessories for decorative rod

Please note that the Super rails are a special budget system that uses 5 mm decorative rods. Most of our other wall systems use 12 mm deco rods and you get a little more "goods" in your deco rods when they are 12 mm quality. There are also slightly fewer accessories for 5 mm deco rods than there are for 12 mm deco rods, but that is only because the range of accessories for the 12 mm deco rods is so incredibly large. Should you have wanted to check out our other slightly more powerful systems, you will find an overview here >

Accessories for the Superrail system

Like all our other wall systems, the Superrails are available with lots of accessories. You therefore completely decide for yourself how your shop should be decorated with shelves, product hooks, hanger bars, decorative bars and a host of other shop fittings.

In doubt about which wall system to choose? Then give us a call on tel. 70 236 136, we are masters at guiding both based on budget and desired aesthetics.